Subway tile bathroom
Subway Tile Bathroom

Subway Tile Bathroom: A Guidance

Do you know that installing subway tile bathroom can be your way to change the atmosphere in your bathroom? By changing new tiles in your bathroom, you do not have to spend a lot of money. In fact, this is considered as the best option. You can always go for the classic subway tiles which will fit for almost bathroom styles.

Using these subway tiles can also become the greatest chance for you to have a wide range of designs and materials. Therefore, if you somehow want to change the atmosphere in your bathroom with the subway tile, you can keep on reading this article. We will be giving you a list of the favorite ideas of subway tiles.

Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

Classic White Subway Tiles

If you love classic design, then you can install this classic white subway tile with contrasting dark grout. You can install the subway till all around the wall up until the bathtub. The dark grout will make your bathroom look less boring. As you all know, white color has always been a neutral color and the white color always look perfect with the black color.

That color combination is always timeless. Because the white color is neutral, you can blend it well with black which comes from the flooring and little accessories. The pros of using this subway tile are, the classic white subway tiles are very affordable, they are very easy to customize by changing the grout color or layout patterns or both of them, and they can create a modern look and feel in your bathroom. Meanwhile, the con of using this subway tile is that, for small tiles, more grout cleaning will be needed.

Contemporary Subway Tiles

If you have a bathroom with a luxurious style, you can opt to use this contemporary subway tile bathroom. If the wet area in your bathroom is separated from other areas by marble flooring and single glass door at where the shower is, you can install these contemporary subway tiles from the floor to ceiling with 4×12 contemporary subway tiles which are bigger than the usual types.

You can also choose tiles which are made of marble in white and gray colors so that the tiles can be a perfect backdrop for your contemporary design bathroom. The pros of using this contemporary subway tile are, the color selection is so consistent which can be very beautiful and the gray and white subway tiles can add some elegance to your bathroom. The con of using this contemporary subway tile is that it is only suitable for a certain type of bathroom’s design.

Modern Subway Tiles

If your bathroom is in a modern design, then you can use this modern subway tile bathroom. You can opt to install gleaming modern subway tiles which resemble the sight of crystalline glass. You can use the subway tiles with the size 3×6 and install them starting from the center of the bathroom and all the way to the ceiling.

That will surely give your bathroom a great finish. Also, since the subway tiles are gleaming, they will be able to reflect any object, including bouncing back the lighting light which installed above the mirror in your bathroom. No worries, you will find it very calming to see the mix of white and the gray from the furniture and the wall in your bathroom.

The pros of using these modern subway tiles are, they can create a clean yet also an elegant atmosphere and they can be an artwork as you can see it from the reflection of the mirror. The con of using these modern subway tiles is that you need a quite a hard effort to clean the gleaming wall and to maintain it.

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