How to deal with snakes at home
How To Deal With Snakes At Home

9 Safest & Easy Tips – How To Deal With Snakes At Home

How To Deal With Snakes At Home – Snakes are one of the reptiles that are quite feared by many people. Not a few venomous snakes are very dangerous to humans. Although snakes are more common in the forest or rice fields, it does not reduce the possibility of finding snakes that enter the house. There are several factors that cause snakes to enter the house, ranging from looking for food, looking for shelter, to factors that smell mystical.

What do you do when you find a snake in your house?

The Danger of Snakes Entering the House

Snakes fall into the category of wild and dangerous animals. Some types of snakes have toxic content that is very deadly for anyone who is affected by the bite. Therefore, you should not underestimate if there is a snake that enters the house.

The toxic content contained in venomous snakes can cause bleeding, pain, and death for their victims. This will certainly be very terrible if your child is accidentally bitten by a venomous snake, because it will certainly have a fatal impact in just a short time.

If not immediately removed from the house, snakes can get a comfortable place in the house to lay eggs and breed. This is certainly very scary and makes it harder for you to get the snake out of the house.

How To Deal With Snakes At Home

No need to panic

You should not panic when facing snakes. Panic only makes you do impulsive things that actually harm yourself.

Moreover, the type of snake that entered is not known the type of venomous or non-venomous snake.

Just pay attention from afar, do not miss the eyes. Don’t let the snake go, because we don’t know [where].

In addition, it is advised to immediately seek help that can handle snakes safely.

First, it could be to the nearest fire department, or friends from the nearest reptile community. The important thing is that snakes do not escape our eyes fitting in the house until help comes. This is so that the search can be maximal and centralized.

Avoid provoking snakes.

Snakes that feel disturbed will attack or hide. A hiding snake will only make it harder for you to get it out of the house.

Move pets such as cats and dogs to safety.

This is done to avoid the animal attacking the snake and resulting in your pet becoming bitten by the snake.

Move The Child

Also move your children to be in a safe room.

Open the door of the house wide

Make sure that there are no objects that can prevent snakes from leaving the house. Close the door of another room tightly to avoid snakes turning and entering another room in your home.

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In ancient times, many people believed that the right way to repel snakes was to sprinkle salt.

This myth is believed because many think that snakes are animals that have slimy skin.

In fact, snakes are animals with scaly skin. These reptiles are not afraid of salt. The thing that can actually make snakes run away is fragrance.

If the snake enters the house, spray fragrances such as perfume or room fragrance, then it is guaranteed that the snake will go by itself.

Carbolic Acid

Carbolic acid is usually used to clean ceramics and toilets. However, who would have thought if the snake would go straight away if you poured carbolic acid on its body.

However, you must remain alert to the reaction of a snake that is shocked after being doused in carbolic acid.

The effect of carbolic acid in the snake’s body is a sense of heat on the skin that results in damage to the snake’s motion sensor.

Snakes will leave the house immediately, but you have to be careful when snakes provide resistance.

Long Stick

You can use a long broomstick or stick to steer the snake out of the house. Position your body on the back of the snake and never come face to face with the snake.

Tap The Snake

Tap the snake’s body slowly using a stick to shock the snake and move away. Avoid hitting the snake too hard because it will only make the snake become angry and feel provoked.

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