Stair designs for small houses
Stair designs for small houses

Stair designs for small houses

Stair designs for small houses – The stair is now not only a static standing on the floor, but can also be designed in a variety of styles that are appropriate to use in many different types of homes. Although designed in the form of a more dynamic, but the innovation of the stairs below can also accommodate heavy loads Even stairs can be used as storage space in small-sized houses, like some staircase below:

Stair designs for small houses

Folding stair.

At first glance, these stairs look the same with other models. The difference exists in the form of the stair can be folded and bent inwards or upwards. This model is surely more compact and is suitable to use at home or in small spaces that need more space. These stairs which is also called The Hybrid stair has its range between 50 to 60 degrees.

The selection of bamboo as the main material, adding to the artistic side of stairs. Bamboo was chosen because it has the supple, strong, and lightweight. From the security side, the staircase has a locking system where the stairs are not easily moved when traversed.

Stairs of wood pieces

This stair is made of wood materials assembled from hundreds of pieces like a puzzle. The pieces are built into the stairs. These pieces of wood as well as separate staircase with other parts of the House. With a unique shape, this stair can be a point of interest.

Hanging stairs.

This staircase design aims to conserve the use of space in the House. The scaffold is made from metal and connecting the two floors. The first floor apartment is an open space which consists of living room, dining room, kitchen. While the second floor is a private area such as bedrooms and bathroom.
The scaffold has a dual function. In addition, as a liaison between the floor, the staircase is also used as a partition between the dining room and living room. The use of this stair as a separator is a unique way to assert functions each space but still has open impression.

Spiral staircase

Stair designs for small houses - spiral staircase
Stair Designs For Small Houses – Spiral Staircase

Storage stair

Stair designs for small houses - storage stair
Stair Designs For Small Houses – Storage Stair

If you have a lot of stuff in the House, this storage stairs may could be an inspiration. The design of these stairs is one of the solutions in reducing furniture in small houses. This stair has special storage space in each child the stair. Storage space was created specifically as a rack of the table, so that the residents can add storage in the chart under the stairs. However, this storage is only able to accommodate small-sized objects, like books or clothes. Read also: 20 Ideas for maximizing space.

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