Simple minimalist home designs
Simple Minimalist Home Designs

Inspirational Simple Minimalist Home Designs

Inspirational Simple Minimalist Home Designs – The concept of a simple minimalist home prioritizes efficiency and functionally, which can meet all the needs of the occupants in it, without having to have components made in vain. Simple minimalist dwellings are not only seen from the architectural design, but also the selection of home furniture, home interior design, color selection, to ornamental plants as complementary accents.

Designing a simple minimalist home design is not a difficult thing to do. As long as you can know a suitable composition, the desired home design you can realize easily.

Inspirational Simple Minimalist Home Designs

2-storey minimalist house design

If you have a land that is not so large, but want to build a house that has a lot of space, then you can get around it by applying a minimalist 2-story home design. Use the 1st floor as a living room, kitchen, living room and dining area.

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Then you can use the 2nd floor for more private rooms such as the master bedroom, children’s room and family room. With a minimalist 2-story home design, you can also add a balcony to just relax while enjoying the fresh air from outside.

Modern Minimalist Home Design

By using a minimalist design does not mean your home can not look modern. You can build a modern minimalist home design with a cube-shaped roof that is dominated by neutral colors such as white, gray or cream.

A cube-shaped roof will show a modern minimalist home design, because nowadays the roof does not always have to be triangular. As an optional add garage space on the side and yellow chandelier decoration.

Industrial Style for a Simple Home

If you are bored with the look of the same house, try to change the look in an industrial style. Through a touch of industrial design, a simple house can look more attractive and give a different aura.

The exterior walls of the house made plain without plaster will give a thick industrial look. Combine the wall with a little touch of wood and dark-colored wall accents to make it look more elegant.

Simple Minimalist Home Design Scandinavian Model

One way that a simple house can look attractive is to change its appearance into a minimalist Scandinavian model. The easiest way to apply Scandinavian models is to use soft colors such as blue, combined with natural elements such as wood and brick. The combination will make a simple minimalist home look more attractive.

Simple Minimalist Home Design

Furthermore, there is the inspiration of simple minimalist home design, the design of the house above has a size of 8×9 meters, quite ideally occupied by a new family with 2 children.

Simple minimalist home design more accentuates the efficiency of the building, with the existing land area can be maximized for the building to still feel relieved.

Minimalist House European Style

With the European style applied, then the house will look charming and elegant. For this inspiration, you can apply windows with a unique design. In addition, white for the basic color gives a natural impression. So this special idea is worth trying.

Simple Minimalist Home Tropical Model

Designing a simple minimalist home tropical model is quite easy to do. To create a tropical minimalist home, choose and use broken white house paint. To give a warm impression on the house, combine the broken white color with pastel colors. Carports can be made simple with a frame made of aluminum. Don’t forget to provide a small yard to make the house look natural and beautiful.

Home Tip:

So that the tropical model house looks attractive, add some medium-sized plants to the yard.

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