Super housewafe

Super Housewife

Super housewife is not a typical housewife from the history. She is superior in the household and on any workplace.

She is to perfection skilled master of the house and she saves a lot of money because she is so effective in work and organized and calm in shopping.

What I do here is a combination of life coaching and psychological preparation of the standard housewife to become a super housewife. I am explaining everything to a woman, but any man can use this to become better at work and living.

Where does this story begin?

I wanted to help a housewife organize kitchen and household better. It was supposed to be my new profession after | got too old to install kitchens. Soon, I realized that in order to organize kitchen, she needs to organize her mind first .

And to organize her mind she needed to learn first how does the mind work. It wasn’t known to me from science how the mind works so I had to figure it out myself. In fact before this, it was not known to science how the mind works.

And underway, I solved all of my mental health and other health problems. What makes me so strong for this?

A thankfulness to the European-American housewives that I installed kitchens for in 13 years of installing, without a single complaint. I collected enormous knowledge on my “work place”.

That person made me ready for this what I am doing right now. Creating super housewife. And it is ladies first, later we would take care of men.

The idea is to organize the mind first and prepare her psychically for the transformation. And it all needs to happen while “the life goes on”. She needs to work in the kitchen few hours a day anyway.

Second thing is learning new skills and that has to happen too. Everything on the go. And I started to try all of that in practice.


The problem:

The common housewife is having her way of doing things, and her way of thinking, and she doesn’t want to change it. It was embarrassing for her to admit that she is not really that great at work and thinking.

The point is that you are already great at what you do, but I have found the ways to make you PERFECT.

And I want you to have fun doing that.

People, I am a German master for install and a USA contractor, and I can do this, IF YOU JUST LET ME.

The possibilities of the human mind are endless. You have to work every day some 10 hours. If you are in constant improvement It does wonders over the years. You can become a Kung Fu Master at work.

That is how I have invented Jia-gong. It is very similar to kung fu, in fact, it is a kung fu for work.

After some months or years housewife becomes a master of Jia Gong, and we can say she is a super housewife.

On the other side reached is a perfection in mind with all of the benefits of it. If you reach a perfection in mind you cannot fall into deep depression and kill yourself.

You would be having way less accidents at work and even driving cars, which is the second way how this would be saving lives.

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Have fun, everyone

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