Pallet coffee table
Pallet coffee table

10 DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Read these DIY pallet coffee table ideas to make your living room look great. There are many ideas you can make to fit with your room theme and décor. Make your own DIY pallet coffee table can save your cost to have new furniture for your home and enhance your DIY skills.

Pallet coffee table for Patio and outdoor

The pallet coffee table is great furniture for an outdoor place such as a patio. Here are some ideas to make your patio look simple, nice and chic with pallet coffee table.

Chic white pallet coffee table.

This is the first idea for a pallet coffee table with white paint and wheel to make it portable. The wheel makes it can be served for outdoor and indoor.

The tiered glass top pallet coffee table.

If you want to have a simple but classy pallet coffee table, this tiered pallet coffee table with glass in the top as the surface is perfect. This is a vibe inspiration for modern furniture.

Union jack pallet coffee table.

For those who are looking for the country and nationalism vibe, this union jack can be great ideas. This table is added with rattan basket under the table fitted to storage options.

Modern pallet coffee table for living room

The pallet coffee table is also able to add as furniture for your living room and another indoor area.

The hairpin metal legs on Green pallet coffee table.

The custom pallet board painted with green and finish with the metal hairpin legs. To make it a perfect and modern look, a glass top is added to make easier place glass or décor on it.

Lunger pallet coffee table.

This is the pallet coffee table that added with the drawers below for the storage options. Inspired with the beach décor, the table painted with blue navy color and anchor drawing.  

Industrial leg pallet coffee table.

If you have a home office, you may need this industrial pallet coffee table. With the industrial metal, legs combine with finished wooden pallet; it gives you great pallet coffee table furniture.

Reclaimed herringbone pallet coffee table.

If you want to add décor to your home coffee table, this can be an idea for you. The wooden pallet arranged into herringbone pattern as the top of the coffee table. For the leg, it has a wooden leg.

Unique pallet coffee table

If you are looking for a unique pallet coffee table, then this idea is perfect for you.

Double-decker pallet coffee table.

This is a perfect unique pallet coffee table that you can set for indoor or outdoor. This pallet coffee table is remade from two separated part of the pallet coffee table where half of the pallet table section installed as the table top for gain the level for services and store any assortments and refreshments. The base from the table has built with the two miniature pallets for storage options.

Creative shape pallet coffee table.

This is the other unique ideas for pallet coffee table that use creative ways to use the wooden pallets to make pallet coffee table. The top crafted with the unique shape of the engraved edge that makes the table looks as set apart from the table.

Recycled wooden pallet coffee table.

Next ideas are recycling wooden pallet as your coffee table. You can refinish it by repaint with the natural finish or glaze with the brown dark that turned into a wonderful table.

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If you have an unused wooden pallet, you can make your own DIY pallet coffee table ideas beyond. It can cut cost much for your pocket. You also can match and fit the design of the pallet coffee table with the décor and interior of your home.

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