How to make a small bathroom look like a spa

How to make a small bathroom look like a spa

Spa or solus per aqua means water therapy. But in its development, the spa became the term for a place of beauty, body care, fitness, health, and comfort. Spa itself was often associated with relaxation, so this places or facilities must be built as good and as comfortable as possible. It would be great if we have a spa facility at home. Fortunately, it can indeed you have. Do simply by changing an existing bathroom at home. How to make a small bathroom look like a spa? For details on related changes in the bathroom into a spa-like commercial, refer to the following steps!

How to make a small bathroom look like a spa

  • Starting from your own body.

One of the spa’s atmosphere that we feel is a luxury. But, it doesn’t mean you have to unpack the Cabinet and change the interior as well as the layout of the bathroom so exactly like the one in the magazine. As simple as adding the right accessories, luxuries that can be obtained. For example, choosing a thick towel kimono which you can wear after bathing.

  • Accessory contemporary.

The appearance of the bathroom will also need to be updated with the Accessory contemporary. Let not bored linger in the bathroom, try adding a white Lantern vintage style that also serves as a container candle. Dim rays of light can also cause relaxing effects like in place or spa facilities.

  • Apply regularity.

The immaculate bathroom gives a cozy feel. To that, add the shelf that provides a container for towels and clothes should be draped while showering. The shelf from natural materials such as bamboo, can give the impression of natural commonly applied to the interior of the spa. These rack for example, parts of it can be used for hanging towels, bathrobe, or clothing.

  • Bring the freshness of nature.

The presence of fresh objects from nature to make the bathroom more fresh atmosphere, like a spa facility. Then order the bathroom at home like that, place your favorite flowers in the room. That way, not only the eyes would be spoiled by its shape, the nose would be lulled its fragrance.

  • Unique and exciting detail.

Add unique equipment to build an atmosphere of the bathroom being such a place or spa facilities. Soap dispenser with a luxurious pearl white tray can be the unique fixture of choice in this case. It feels every drop of soap coming out of this container will offer a soothing freshness.

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