Minimalist wallpaper kitchen
Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen

10 Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen Choices and Ideas

Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen Choices and Ideas – Rearranging a minimalist house can be an interesting activity when there is free time. In addition to the minimalist house looks not boring, it can also provide a new atmosphere.

Especially during the Corona pandemic, most of the time must only be spent at home with family. The house should be laid out as comfortable as possible.

In addition to the bedroom and living room, the kitchen also needs to be styled as best as possible. One study found that cluttered kitchens tend to make people snack more often. Messy kitchen is also not comfortable for cooking.

Well, not only arranging the furniture, the choice of colors and wall motifs are also no less important. If the plain kitchen walls tend to be boring, You can install wallpapers of various simple motifs for the minimalist home kitchen.

Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen Choices

Kitchen Bar Counter

Make the bar in your kitchen feel more luxurious with bold colored wallpaper on the walls and under the bar counter. The bold colors make the bar look contrasting and strikingly well.

Using Marble Wallpapers

You can use marble wallpapers as one of Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen Choices. Get a luxury and a maximum minimalist feel without fully renovating the room thanks to the marble patterned wallpaper. Speaking of marble everyone must be infatuated with the impression it has, right?

Beautify Kitchen Backsplash

The use of wallpaper on the backsplash becomes an option for those of you who are not afraid to dare to decorate the kitchen space. To make it look more soothing give your kitchen a simple and minimalist theme to tie the wallpaper together with the whole room.

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Geometric motifs

Geometric motif is one of Minimalist Wallpaper Kitchen Choices. Geometric motifs are one of the popular and most frequently used wallpapers. This motif is favored because it can give modern dimensions and nuances to the room.

These geometric motifs are also very diverse, ranging from squares, triangles, circles, up to pentagons. Although it looks simple, this motif can give a fashionable impression in the kitchen. So it is very suitable to beautify the kitchen of your minimalist house.

Shades of green

Does your furniture with plain white color? Installing wallpaper with shades of green can be an interesting option.

By installing green in your plain kitchen, it will give the impression of a more lively and not boring room. Use shades of green wallpaper with geometric motifs to beautify the kitchen of your minimalist house.

Banana leaf patterned wallpaper

Choose a banana leaf patterned wallpaper to give the impression of a vacation into the room. The green color of banana leaves will provide comfort and tranquility when you create in the kitchen space.

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Cheerful with lemon wallpaper

It doesn’t harm to look bold using striking colors like the use of melon-patterned wallpaper. This very cheerful yellow color will give a good touch to your minimalist kitchen.

Dining room

Keep the kitchen walls bare without the touch of wall coverings. And give it a nice, precise touch with the use of wall wallpaper on the corner of the dining room to make the two spaces feel more detached. This will help warm it up as well as make it feel more comfortable.

Plant motifs

If you have a kitchen with plain furniture and looks like a blank canvas, why not try to liven up the atmosphere by installing plant motif wallpaper.

Choose a plant-tone wallpaper with soft and smooth colors. To create a quiet impression in the kitchen.

Jelly and cake motifs

Do you like calm colors like pastel? Installing pastel wallpapers with jelly and cake motifs may be an interesting option.

In addition to making the atmosphere look more alive, the wallpaper also makes the kitchen of your minimalist house look sweet. Not only that, the wallpaper of food nuances also gives a calm impression in the room.

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