Korean style room decoration ideas
Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas

11 Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas

Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas – The room is one of the private rooms where you can do various activities ranging from me time, studying, doing tasks to sleep. The comfortable rooms will create a good atmosphere so that the body can be more relaxed to rest.

Most of our time is probably spent in the room, therefore proper and beautiful decorations are urgently needed. Aesthetic room decoration can certainly make an impact both for the body and brain.

According to research, something beautiful and a comfortable atmosphere can increase the power of creativity. It is not difficult to make the room look aesthetic, some of these tips will help you create aesthetic room decorations in a Korean style.

Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas

Choose a neutral or pastel color

The first thing you can do to conjure up Korean-style room décor is to choose a bright neutral color. You can choose white, light gray, and beige.

Neutral color theme is very suitable when combined with rustic themed decorations. You can also choose pastel colors into Korean-style room decorations. Bright paint will give the effect of the room to be more spacious.

Wall paint color selection

The next Korean Style Room Decoration Idea is wall paint color selection. One of the important things is the choice of wall paint color because this part dominates the atmosphere of your room. It can be by using wall stickers or wall paint.

Choose colors with warm or soft neutral tones such as ivory, cream, white or pastel blue that will make your room look bright but still cozy to relax.

Small But Neat Layout

Although the room is small, but the aesthetic key of Korean-style room design lies in the layout of the goods.

To make the room look more beautiful and warm, you can use wooden furniture and floors.

Choose neutral color furniture

One of the characteristics of Korean room decoration is using furniture in neutral colors.

You can choose rustic themed furniture in beige shades. In addition, you can also add green shades from plants to make them look fresher.

Use all-white furniture

If you want to make the room look more spacious, you can use all-white furniture. Add wood storage to make your room look aesthetically pleasing.

Use patterned vinyl

The floor part is also very good if installed vinyl with wood motifs that will add a warm and relaxing impression to your room. Vinyl can be purchased meter so it will be cheaper if you use vinyl instead of carpet. Choose a plaid wood motif and avoid wavy wood motifs for rooms.

Use a feather rug

One of the recommended room accessories to make your room look aesthetic and cool is to use furry carpets. This carpet in addition to beautifying your room but also very comfortable to use if you want to do activities on the floor.

In winter, the fur carpet will make your room feel and look warmer.

Take advantage of the space under the partitioned roof

You can use the room under the partitioned roof for a bedroom that is narrow but still thick with Korean drama nuances.

Map pasted on the wall

To beautify your bedroom, a map affixed to the wall can be an interesting idea for you. You can also add other pictures to make the room more lively.

Place the mattress right next to the window

So that your room is not full, and get enough sunlight, you can place the mattress right next to the window. Don’t forget to add patterned seats around it.

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Install minimalist curtains

In the window accessories, especially curtains, choose curtains without minimalist motifs and neutral and calm colors such as white and avoid black. Incoming sunlight will be well passed on by curtains with these colors. Guaranteed your room will look bright and quiet.

Thank you very much for reading Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas, hopefully useful.

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