Color coded cutting boards
Color Coded Cutting Boards

Know The Color Coded Cutting Boards

The Color Coded Cutting Boards – How many cutting boards do you have at home? Two? Or even one? Not enough! If you want to be safe, have several cutting boards, each of which has a different function.

A cutting board for cutting chicken, for example, should not be used for slicing vegetables because it is very susceptible to bacteria even though the cutting board has been washed. To distinguish the function of each cutting board, have a color coded cutting board.

The color of the cutting board is made by people as a marker not just to beautify your kitchen. Come on, identify the function of the color of the cutting board.

The Color Coded Cutting Boards

Blue Cutting Board

The blue cutting board is used for seafood. As a reminder, just remember the blue color of the sea.

Yellow Cutting Board

Remember, yes, this cutting board is for cutting poultry. Do not use it to cut the cake even after it has been washed.

Green Cutting Board

According to the color of the vegetables, this cutting board is useful for chopping vegetables.

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Chocolate Cutting Board

Not for cutting chocolate, but for cutting cooked meat.

White Cutting Board

Now, this is just for cutting cake, bread, or dairy products such as cheese.

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