How to store chicken in refrigerator
How To Store Chicken In Refrigerator

6 Tips – How To Store Chicken In Refrigerator For Long Lasting

How to store chicken in refrigerator should be considered so durable. Because, often the chickens that have not been used are directly stored in the refrigerator.

Sometimes for the need for food stock at home, you need to store chicken meat in the freezer. Freezing chicken in the freezer is one of the most effective ways to make long-lasting chicken meat.

How to store chicken in refrigerator is actually easy to apply. Moreover, it is related to cold temperatures that can slow the growth of bacteria-causing decay, such as salmonella.

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How To Store Chicken In Refrigerator For Long Lasting

Prepare a plastic bag

Prepare some plastic bags. Put the same piece of chicken meat in one plastic bag. For example, chicken wings are stored in different plastic bags of chicken breast. If possible, write the caption on each plastic bag. So it will be easier for you to cook.

Cut Chicken Meat

How to store chicken in refrigerator - cut kitchen meat

The next way How to store chicken in refrigerator to keep the  durable is cutting it first or not. You can choose them as you need. If you want to be easier in the process of melting and processing chicken meat, it is worth to cut the chicken meat into pieces before storing it in the freezer.

However, if the chicken has been cut before it is stored, the saving period is shorter, which is 9 months. This is because, the chicken cuts a lot more touch during the cutting process, which becomes a bridge for bacteria and dirt in the chicken meat.

Storing whole chicken meat

The procedure of storing whole chicken meat with pieces turns out differently! You must first, remove the innards from the chickens. This is due to innards including bacterial sources that accelerate the process of decay of meat. The fatty part of the chicken should also remove until completely not left.

Then, dry it using the kitchen paper until it is not watery, then wraps the plastic wrap before storing into the freezer. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, a plastic wrap can be replaced with Bee’s Wrap, an eco-friendly wrapper made of beeswax, cloth and tree sap, or it can also be used Silicon Wrap, a silicone food wrapper.

Store in Freezer

The next way How To Store Chicken In Refrigerator for long lasting that you can do is to put it in the freezer. If you store fresh chicken meat on the refrigerator shelf it will allow it to last only two days. Different if you store in a freezer that is able to make chicken meat will last for up to one year due to its minus temperature.

However, if you store the ripe chicken or already cooked in a refrigerator shelf, this will make it last for three to four days at the same temperature. Well, for that, if you want to store chicken meat in the refrigerator so that the condition can last longer, keep it in the freezer.

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Watch the refrigerator temperature

Make sure the chicken meat packaging is tightly sealed and away from other foods. Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator and set it to temperature to 0-5 ° C. This makes your chicken meat and all the food in the refrigerator fresher and more durable.

Remember storage time

If you are going to cook chicken immediately, keep it on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. A whole chicken (or chicken part) can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before being cooked. If you don’t want to cook chicken in 2 days, you have to put it in the freezer.

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