Shabby chic living room
Shabby Chic Living Room

8 Shabby Chic Living Room Design Ideas

Shabby Chic living room is the disorientation of one interior design style that is now back popular among the community. Its design uses an old style, especially in home furnishings. Did you know that the first shabby chic is a home furnishings brand? This Brand is very famous in the year 1989.

Using this shabby chic style can make our house look more charming and exotic. If we talk history, this decorating model was popularized by Rachel Ashwell in the United States of America

By elevating the theme of softness and shabby impression, making this model has its own style that is different from other. For furniture raw materials are usually made of ebony rattan or Ebonite that has a long enough age. The colors are popular with white paint or brown natural color with a rough finish. This is intended to create a vintage feel. These shabby chic products include new products that can be said antique.

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How to organize and design a Shabby Chic living room style.

Type of textile and motive are shabby chic.

The first thing of shabby chic is its pattern or motif along with its kind of texture material. The material in question is all the materials that you are used to in the house, such as curtains, tablecloths, up to a variety of room accessories. One of the motives that fit for shabby chic is the plant motif e.g. Leaves and flowers.

The Motif makes this design more beautiful style. In addition to plants, other abstract motifs you can choose, namely polka dot and classical. And the type of material for all these motifs will be more interesting with cotton or linen. Don’t forget the decorative look by giving a touch of lace and border.

Shabby Chic color selection.

The type of color that is suitable for shabby chic living room is the colors of sweets like pastel. In addition to pastel, warm color and also calm is recommended to add a comfortable impression. As much as possible, choose from two to three different color types, no more. Because if excessive, your living room will look messy.

Choose one color as the main color in the living room. Divide the part of your living room with the furniture to match one color to another, thereby forming a harmonious look.

Shabby Chic accessories.

Another very important thing in a shabby chic living room is the accessories as its decorative media. As with motifs, choose accessories that tend to look feminine and also old. Accessories for shabby chic nowadays are very easy to get.

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Shabby Chic Decoration In a Minimalist Living Room

Determine the Concept.

The first thing to do is define the concept of the room. f you already want to apply shabby chic, then you should also decide what color dominates the room. Keep in mind that shabby chic itself carries a feminine concept.

Combine Wallpapers.

The easiest way to present a shabby chic theme in a room is to use floral patterned wallpapers. As we know that when deciding to use a wallpaper, certainly have to set up a fairly large budget.

Use white Furniture.

The limited area of land in a minimalist living room must certainly be kept on feeling wider. One of them is to use white furniture. The use of white in narrow spaces is able to cause a wide impression.

Minimize the use of the furniture.

You certainly agree that narrow spaces should be offset by the use of limited accessories. Well, then what if wanting to apply the shabby chic theme? In fact, we know that this one concept requires a lot of accessories.

Especially for the minimalist-sized living room, you shouldn’t be added to a table in the middle. 

Choose the right accessories.

Well, if the wallpaper used is flower themed, then what kind of accessories are suitable for use? 

You can use some accessories on the chair and walls.

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