How to prevent termites from eating wood
How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood

6 tips – How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood

How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood can be done in order not to inflict adverse damage, especially on vital parts of the house. Like the frame of the roof or parts of the doors and windows that may all still use material from wood.

In order to prevent Termites From Eating Wood can be more effective, it can be started from the base or initial selection of wood to be used as building materials. Because, there are some wood that has high durability against termite attack, or rather termites are not interested in this type of wood.

Some of them are teak wood, Albizia chinensis, and ironwood. 

How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood

Here are The Tips How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood:

Preserving Wood

If you cannot get the above material or want to increase its strength, then one way is to be preserved. How to preserve it?

You can follow the natural way below:

  • Take the diesel and used oil with a ratio of 1:1.
  • Put the mixture in a container equipped with a brush.
  • Blend the mixture into the wood using a brush and let stand some time until it absorbed and dry.
  • If it is dry, mix the diesel and used oil with a ratio of 2:1.
  • Refuel this mixture of the material evenly. Wait dry or let stand for 1 to 3 days.

Preservation above is strongly recommended to prevent and overcome termites in the closet.


People in the past have had a fairly effective method of preventing Termites From Eating Wood, namely by using diesel. Diesel becomes one of the materials that can make the wood become more durable. That is why diesel use is very often applied to the type of home furniture that made from wood materials.

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Usually, before a wood will be used as a work of art or made material in making buildings, wood will be coated with diesel and then left for several days. Once it is felt quite pervasive and coat the whole piece of wood, just after that the wood that has been given a diesel coating is ready to use. This is also believed to not only make the wood stronger against termite attack, but also insects or other pests such as Dinoderus minutus.

Using coatings

If you can’t find or buy a teak in the near future, then the solution is to use a coating. There are many termiticide and insecticide products that can be used as termite repellent.

Generally, these products are enabled when you want to make furniture, namely by sprayed or applied using a brush. Anti-termite content has even existed in some paint products.

This means that you can apply wood-eating anti-animal coatings before furniture is made (on Raw and unformed Wood), and then layer them again using paint containing repellent.

This way, the protection of the finished furniture is more layered. This kind of trick is often referred to as pre-and post-construction methods. The goal is to prevent the coming of termites before being made and protecting surfaces once completed.

With the fumigation method

How to prevent termites from eating wood by fumigation method

There is a very traditional way of antiquity, and also become one of the oldest methods in preserving wood to prevent it from being easily damaged, either because of the weather or animals such as termites. This method of utilizing the fumigation of combustion results.

This method is started from a new or raw wood material. The wood is still raw, then placed on a fire that has quite a lot of smoke. Then, the wood is left exposed to smoke for several days. This way is intended to make the water content of the wood is thinner and the wood becomes perfectly dry, so it will add stronger than the wood texture.

Injection of Antitermite liquids

If the building you are planning has not established, you can take precautions by doing the injection of anti termite liquids into the soil surrounding the building.

Anti termite concoction

If you are still curious about other ways, you can mix the anti termite concoction with various ingredients needed, among others, camphor, diesel oil and brush or syringe. The way of the Guide is as follows:

  • Take the camphor as much as 200 grams, then grind until smooth
  • Prepare 1 liter of diesel oil
  • Combine the camphor powder with diesel oil, then stir so that both ingredients can be mixed evenly
  • Apply this anti termite concoction to the parts you want, and it should be done in a repetitive way.

Thank you very much for reading How To Prevent Termites From Eating Wood, hopefully useful.

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