How to get rid of lizards in the house

How to get rid of lizards in the house

The existence of the lizards are not too disruptive as cockroaches. However, the more the lizards in your home, definitely makes home becomes dirty. Dirt lizard if attached to the walls of the House make the walls become dull and smelly. So that it does not meet your home, this trick you can do.

How to get rid of lizards in the house

Here are 8 ways How to get rid of lizards in the house:

Clean the corners of the ceiling of the House.

Clean the corners of the ceiling of the house
Clean the corners of the ceiling of the House

Mosquitoes and other small insects that can fly are inclined to like the corner of a dank, dirty House, and dusty as a hiding space. The abundance of mosquitoes will certainly invite lizards. To that end, always clean the corners of the ceiling until no more dust or dirt around it.

Use mothballs.

Mashed mothballs, then spread in an area frequently visited by lizards. Lizard hates the scent of mothballs so will choose to avoid it. In addition to the other, the scent of mothballs, other unwanted aromas of lizards are coffee and garlic. You can spread your coffee or garlic mashed in the corners of the House.

Coffee grounds.

This is a very effective method to get rid of the lizard. Mix tobacco and coffee powder and make both of these ingredients shaped like a ball, save the balls that have been prepared in every corner of the house and the places where the lizard hide. After eating these balls, the lizard will die or move away from your home.

Moreover, the coffee pulp is also very effective to repel ants from the room.

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Get rid of the leftover food.

Get rid of the leftover food
Get rid of the leftover food

Not only the food will still be eaten any time you save. You also need to make sure there are no food crumbs are left on the floor and desk area. This leftover food will attract lizards to pursue so that meets your home. Cover also the existing food at the dinner table, including fruit. The fruit often draws attention to fruit flies that also favored lizards to consume. In addition, make sure there is no food crumbs hiding in cooking appliances such as ovens and microwaves. You should immediately clean it after use.

Keep the cat.

Keep the cat
Keep the cat

Lizards tend to away if there was a cat in your home. The cat will pursue the lizards that hang around in your home. However, to keep the house clean if there is a cat, make sure you bathe your cat every week and clean the cutlery after each use.

Eradicate mosquitoes.

What about mosquitoes with a lizard? Maybe you guessed it by singing children’s songs related to the Lizard. It is true that mosquitoes are one of the favorite lizard food. So with a small amount of mosquitoes at home, indirectly will reduce the population of the lizard.

Insect cleaning.

The next way How to get rid of lizards in the house is the insect cleaning. Still has to do with mosquitoes, small insects can be a trigger of the emergence of the lizard. Generally, the lizard is often near the lights at night, it is because there are many insects flying. By repelling insects in your home, then you have also involved to repel the lizard.

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Clean the area under the table.

Clean the area under the table - how to get rid of lizards in the house
Clean the area under the table

Don’t you think the lizards always been around the wall and the top of the House. The area under the table, the space under the cabinets, and the back of the closet will be its favorite places because of the many insects in that part. Always clean the dust from the parts so that they cannot invite lizards.

Thank you very much for reading How to get rid of lizards in the house, hopefully useful.

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