How to make a chicken laying cage
How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage

8 Steps – How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage

How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage should pay attention to various factors. This is so that the chickens can be productive produce quality eggs. Moreover, the use of chicken cage is certainly also effective and makes feeding and taking eggs more easily.

The chicken laying cage type has a variety of variations. To create a simple chicken laying cage, you can follow how to create a battery chicken cage. This type of chicken cage is the easiest type of cage made.

How to make chicken laying cage can be done by preparing all the materials and follow the steps carefully. This type of battery layer chicken cage can be arranged a row and two or more levels.

How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage with battery method

Chicken Laying Cage Design

The first thing to do to make a battery cage is to determine the design of the cage, here we use a chicken cage design such as prism stage where the chicken dirt so directly falls under the cage, in this case it makes it easy for farmers to clean the cage periodically and maintain the health and hygiene of chickens.

In making a three-storey cage, make sure the position of each level makes the difference shifts to the side so that chicken dirt does not befall the chickens underneath.

Then, the thing that farmers should consider in building a cage is an ideal height range of approximately 1 meter to 2 meters, it aims to control air quality and reduce ammonia in chicken manure.

This kind of design certainly has advantages and disadvantages, here we review one by one:


  • The air quality is excellent, this makes chicken laying very comfortably.
  • Can be clean the cage easily
  • Control of feed and drink
  • Facilitate the production of eggs
  • Chicken is always in clean condition.


  • Possibility of chicken paralysis because put before time
  • Delays in cage cleaning often make flies arrive and chickens are threatened with disease attacks.

Preparing tools and materials

How to make a chicken laying cage - prepare tool and materials

The next way How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage is to prepare the necessary tools and materials. In making this chicken laying cage, you certainly need a variety of crafting equipment. For example, a chainsaw to cut wood or bamboo beams, hammers, gauges such as meters and pencils, sandpaper, and nails. In addition, it is necessary to also prepare gloves to be safe.

After having all these equipments, the next way to make chicken cage is to prepare the material. You need to make the wooden beams in 2×4 cm and bamboo to taste.

In addition, you also have to provide good material for the roof. It is better to use materials that are waterproof and hot, for example, zinc, tile or palm fiber. For the wall, you can use woven bamboo or plywood. This material can be used also for a partition between the cage.

Chicken laying cage Size

In this case determining the size is important to be comfortable from the livestock itself. Adjusting the size of the case adjusts to your land condition or environment. It is also the advantage of making the type of battery cage model.

By making a adjust of the size conditions which can affect the productivity and health of the chicken laying themselves. When creating a container size that is not adjusted and excessive which can affect the cost burden to be incurred.

Basically, the shape of this cage is constructed lengthwise, which is given a small of the partition. For its length can adjust to the condition of land and efficiently of the cage itself. In this small partition, you can make it with a size, width of 40 cm, front height 37 cm height back 30 cm and length 40 cm.

In the making, this type of cage has very open ventilation, both on the front, back and top. At the bottom or the ground should be made with a certain tilt so that the egg can roll towards the front. On the floor to be made somewhat stretchable as the egg does not fall down and dirt directly falling down.

Make a Framework

After creating the design, it’s time to create a skeleton as a way to create the next chicken laying cage. First of all, you have to cut wood block as needed.

Make a frame with a height of at least 10 cm, unless you want to create a cage without a floor. The number of feet is certainly adjusted to the cage length. So, if the cage is made quite long, automatically the number of pairs of feet needed.

The height of the skeleton you make at this stage also includes space to accommodate chicken manure, which is especially true for how to create a level chicken cage with a battery type.

In this installation has also been calculated space for roof mounting. As tips for making frames, for wooden blocks installed in the cage length, position the shortest size below, the goal of making the wood less curved. For example, if you are using 2x4cm of wood, then the 2cm section is below.

Making a cage Floor

The next step How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage is make the floor. Because it serves as a support, it is recommended to choose a sturdy material, such as bamboo. You can use small or medium-sized bamboo without being split.

Use sandpaper to smooth the bamboo surface before being fitted to the frame, making it safe and not injuring the chicken legs. In making the floor, give a little cavity or do not arrange the bamboo too tightly. The goal is to get chicken droppings to fall down more easily.

Besides being able to fertilize the soil around the cage, you can also be easier when cleaning the cage, because the chicken dung does not accumulate on the floor. To make the floor more sturdy, you can install wooden blocks in the middle of the bamboo floor.

Installing the Wall

The next step How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage is to install the wall. You can choose the best material for the wall, whether using bamboo or wire. If you have a limited number of bamboos, use wire ram as an alternative.

For example, if using bamboo, start by splitting the bamboo into sections with a width of 2-3 cm. Cut with lengths to fit the cage size, sandpaper and nail to the frame. For the front wall, do not forget to make doors. Materials for the door can also use a wire or bamboo, while the frame can be made of wood.

Installing the roof

The next step How To Make A Chicken Laying Cage is to install a sloped roof on either side. Make the front of the position higher than the back. Don’t forget to take the width and length of the roof.

It is not advisable to make the roof of the same size as the frame, because certainly can not protect the cage to the maximum, especially when it rains. So try each side of the roof made longer, at least 30 cm from the frame.

Make feed and drink place

For the feed place and the drinking place made multilevel. The place of the feed is below, while the drinking place is at the top

Place the feed you can use wood or from pipes. Easier to be made from pipes because the shape is curved and easily obtained in the building shop. Drinking tube can use the pipe as long as it does not leak.

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