How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land
How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land

How To Create a Minimalist Garden in a Narrow Land in 5 Ways

How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land  – Without the garden, the House will look lonely, arid, and less lively. With the existence of open green space in our homes already participate personally in the preservation of the environment.

Open green space will not only serve as a water catchment area, but also an attempt to bring the cleaner and healthier air in the sphere closest to us. The problem is, not all of us have enough space in the yard to make dream garden like in a magazine.

We don’t need to worry as this can be overcome by creating a minimalist garden. Why should a minimalist garden and how making it? How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land?

How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land?

Here are the tips, How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land:

The suitability between the minimalist garden area and the plant dimension

Still not far from the concept of minimalism, minimalist garden also has the same mission. Here means that a minimalist garden features, simplicity and creates the beauty of a few plants. Narrow land should not have too many plants, or even as a result is clutter and not the beauty it emits.

But this does not mean a minimalist Garden may only have one or two plants. Have a lot of plants was not a problem, as long as, provided it looks proportional and harmonious look. To that end it should note is the dimensions or size of the plants that will be planted in the garden. In this example, the garden looks only occupies an inch of land.

To avoid the impression of crowded, try to give priority to the uniformity of the shape of the leaf. For example, long-leaved plants combined with thin-textured plants.

Avoid wide-leaf and thick plants, because if this kind of plant growing slightly, larger leaves will look meets the space so not suitable for gardens in the narrow land.

How to Create a minimalist garden in several separate locations

No need to get discouraged when land owned is very limited, because any real limitations contain any potential. Even a plot of land on the side of the House can transform into a minimalist garden.

If there are several plots of land in the House will be better, because we can create a minimalist Garden not just one but two or three at a time. For very narrow land we have a few ideas of minimalist garden options, for example:

  1. Lawns without houseplants.
  2. Lawns with one medium-sized ornamental plants.
    For this idea, ornamental plants should shrubs, but the plants are slim and have long branches.
  3. Zen Garden with ornamental plants. This is also a great idea. But given the Zen garden concept and minimalist garden is not much different, then the type of the selected plants should not contain more than one color. It could also consist of two or three plants with a tint of yellow, greenish yellow, and dark green.
  4. Series of the plant.Series of plants suited to take advantage of the narrow land which is usually located on the side of the House. Or narrow area on the edge of a vehicle parking area in front of the House.

    For the series of the plant, it would be better if only consist of one type of plant and bordered by brick and coated with cement if you want to add a touch of industrial park of minimalism. While bricks arranged in series as delimiters without glue together with cement could represent a touch of rustic.

  5. Ornamental plants in a pot.This idea can be applied when a plot of land owned is already closed with cement or the floor. Arrangement of ornamental plants with different types of shapes and different colors can also conjure up our empty land into a garden. Provided attention to the composition and color simplicity.

    Making a miniature garden in a ceramic pot as an example is also a brilliant idea. We could have a minimalist in the form of a small garden without spending a lot of time to take care of it.

The connecting path between the minimalist garden area

Although the land is very limited, it does not mean the opportunity to decorate it completely closed. We can still put a footpath that connects between the corners or between neighboring areas.

For example, splitting from the terrace of the garden. Or it could connect between two plants that became a point of concern in the garden. In this way we can create the vastness of the space visually in a way that is not boring.

Disguise the minimalist garden fence

Constraints on minimalist Garden on limited space is the appearance of a guardrail, either it’s a wall or a fence of iron. Fences or walls affirmed something already limited boundaries, so the natural impression could be lost altogether.

Instead of beautiful and natural impression, rigid atmosphere that can be emitted minimalist garden in the limited area. On other style garden, the existence of a fence or wall can be disguised by planting shrubs along the wall or fence lines.

But in a minimalist Garden this seems contradictory because what noteworthy minimalist garden is simplicity, so typical of the minimalist garden are plants that also simply or do not grow large. Thus, the solution is to plant a small leafy plant and lean along the lines of a wall or fence. The plants selected should be sleek and not grow widened.

It can also combine with other types of smaller plants with attention to composition and distance between plants.

Tend to upward

Creating an upward tendency can also be done with the selection of plants that grow tall but not widened. In fact, any plant could be engineered to achieve this goal.

However, we need to spend some more time for pruning twigs and branches when the type of the selected plants tends to be leafy. If you do not have enough time to make a vertical Garden, it could try another simpler way.

Compiling some pots of ornamental plants on the walls with vertical direction can also help create an impression likely to be upwards.

Thank you very much for reading How to create a minimalist garden in a narrow land, hopefully useful.

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