Fun ways to spend time at home
Fun Ways To Spend Time at Home

8 Fun Ways To Spend Time at Home Either Alone, With Partner, or With Kids

Fun Ways To Spend Time at Home – The spread of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease that is currently sweeping the world is alarming. Therefore, it is very important that everyone does social distancing with self-isolation at home.

Pandemic undeniably also has a positive side. One of them we can spend more time with our beloved family at home. Especially parents who were previously busy working outside, now often spend time with children.

Fun Ways To Spend Time At Home

Complete All Tasks

You may not take a break from isolation at home, but or study from home, or work from home. If so, don’t forget that you have to do all your homework. Remember, stay professional and do all your obligations even if you don’t need to go to the office or campus.

After all, doing all the remaining tasks is ok to spend time at home. Funnier if it really does not have a job, right?

House Cleaning

There’s no reason to mess up the contents of the closet. Or the dust-filled corners of rooms and houses. Oh, the dressing table also do not forget to be dealt with.

Have you cleaned it all up? Then it’s time to sweep the yard early in the morning or in the afternoon. It’s not bad to breathe fresh air because it’s a full day at home.

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Fun Ways To Spend Time At Home With Partner


In order to meet nutritional needs during the pandemic, cooking your own food is considered healthier and safer than having to buy food from outside.

Cooking is a common daily activity. However, this activity will be more exciting and meaningful if done with a partner.

During cooking, you can do various tasks with your partner. This will foster the habit of cooperation while streamlining communication. In addition, you and your partner can also learn to overcome each other’s conflict.

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Marathon film

Horror movies or TV series, thrillers, dramas, science fiction, or romantic comedies will be more exciting if watched with a partner.

During lockdown emergency, you can complete the list or wish list of movies you want to watch.

Through movies, you’ll gain new insights and knowledge. This can be a fun discussion with your partner.


Although it always goes smoothly, communication with a partner sometimes contains only light daily conversations.

Try to remember, when was the last time you exchanged thoughts and talked seriously (deep talk) with a partner.

The Emergency lockdown period can be a good time to re-brain with your partner about things like current issues, future plans, or mutually disliked traits.

Planning a vacation

The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced you and your partner to postpone your holiday for more than a year and a half. Well, the emergency lockdown period can be used to plan a vacation back with your partner.

You can start by determining your dream tourist destination to visit after the pandemic. Then, arrange a list of activities or itineraries according to the tourist locations you want to visit.

Under the plan, you and your partner can create the necessary cost budget. Then, incorporate the holiday budget into your monthly financial planning. This plan can be realized when the pandemic is over.

Fun Ways To Spend Time At Home With Children

Games that engage everyone

The play is a very fun activity and also beneficial for children and older persons. It can relieve stress and bring relationships closer. Not only fun, children can also learn to face problems and improve their motor skills while playing. Choose a game that can be played as a family, such as board games.

Virtual Trip

Take your children to explore the world outside the home virtually. Search virtual journeys online. Before deciding where to ‘travel’, parents can ask their children, which place, city or country they want to visit virtually. Let’s be more fun to try on certain clothes according to the theme of the place to be visited virtually.

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