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6 Benefits of Plants in The House

Benefits of Plants in The House – Gardening became one of the activities that many loved during the pandemic. Gardening can now even be done anywhere with unlimited space. One of the most popular gardening ideas nowadays is indoor gardening.

Indoor gardening is still a favorite of many people. Supported by green interior trends as well as the trend of maintaining ornamental plants, indoor gardening is increasingly done. Although usually trends can quickly develop and fade, indoor gardening can last longer than most.

This is because in many ways, houseplants can improve health and well-being. Many people enjoy living and working in green spaces. Keeping plants indoors not only beautify the room. Keeping plants indoors can have a positive impact on health.

Benefits of Plants in The House

Improving Air Quality

Surely this one, you already know, right?

Pollutants can enter the house and it is difficult to get out, as well as bacteria, germs, and viruses brought from outside the house.

In addition to diligently opening the windows of the room, indoor plants are also good for improving air quality.

The compounds that plants secrete help fight pollutants in the air, so that the air is safer and healthier for us to breathe.

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Good for Mental Health

One of Benefits of Plants in The House is good for mental health. As it turns out, plants in the house can help maintain mental health.

According to researchers from the UK, people living around nature feel happier than those who don’t.

Well, although you live in places where there are not many plants outdoors, seeing greenery in the house can also help.

Then, keeping plants in the house can make the occupants of the house feel the natural atmosphere outside the house.

Silent plants tend to keep the inhabitants of the house calm and not in a hurry.

Plants also release oxygen and take carbon dioxide, so the air in the house is better for us.

The presence of more oxygen means it makes the body work better, including the brain. The brain releases the right types of hormones that help maintain mental health.

Scented flowering plants can also help maintain mental health. Because the aroma of flowers can make us more relaxed and feel happy.

Turn your attention

Putting imitation plants and native plants indoors turned out to have different benefits. In a small study involving 23 participants, researchers placed students in classrooms with fake plants, native, photo plants, or no plants at all.

Brain scans of participants showed that students who studied with real-life plants in the classroom were more attentive and better able to concentrate than students in other groups.

Therapeutic effects

Working with plants can be therapeutic. For people experiencing symptoms of mental illness, indoor gardening can help. Researchers have used horticultural therapy to improve feelings of comfort among people with depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions.

Although horticultural therapy has been around for centuries, it has been found in modern expression: Medical clinics in Manchester, England are now “prescribing” plants in pots to patients with symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Making The Room More Comfortable

Indoor plants can not only beautify your room, but they can also give changes to the room in terms of the environment, thus making the atmosphere in the room more comfortable.

The various changes that can be made by plants indoors, among others, can increase the humidity of the air in the room, reduce noise, cover unattractive areas, and make the room temperature shade by blocking the too hot sunlight that penetrates the windows.

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Giving a Feeling of Achievement

In other studies, keeping plants indoors can also improve the quality of life of their owners, you know. The benefit can be because when you keep plants and take care of them yourself from the beginning, you will feel an achievement or pride when the plant grows well. This feeling that gives happiness.

In addition, just like pet owners, you can also treat plants as friends. In fact, there are some people who invite to talk or sing to their plants.

Bottom Line

There are many Benefits of Plants in The House, including improving the quality of air, good for mental health, turn your attention, as therapeutic effects, making room comfortable, giving a feeling of achievement, and many more that we do not have the chance to mention in this article.

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