Health benefits of cinnamon
Health Benefits of Cinnamon

17 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Health Benefits of Cinnamon – Cinnamon, this aromatic body-warming spice, is familiar enough to be used as an ingredient in bread-based snacks and snacks. Uniquely, cinnamon has been consumed since 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt, where this spice was so valuable that it was almost considered a panacea.

Ayurvedic medicine also uses cinnamon as a complementary ingredient in herbal medicine. Then, in the Middle Ages, doctors used cinnamon to treat conditions such as coughs, arthritis, and sore throats.

Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the branches of a wild tree belonging to the genus “Cinnamomum”. There are two main types of plants native to the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia, namely:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon, the most commonly used cinnamon in the Western world
  • Cinnamomum aromaticum, a Chinese cinnamon native to southern China, is usually less expensive than Ceylon cinnamon.

Although so far cinnamon is known as a food ingredient that can be mixed in cooking, cakes, or drinks, the fact is that apart from adding a delicious taste and aroma, cinnamon turns out to have various health benefits, you know.

The health benefits of cinnamon are many, so you need to try it yourself to prove it. It is recommended that you consume cinnamon regularly, in order to get general health benefits, such as increasing immunity. Spices in the form of bark are very good for your health, so you can use them as herbal medicine.

Cinnamon has been used as a spice in cooking. This spice is very unique because it uses the bark of the cinnamon tree trunk. Spices like this to be used as medicine are starting to decrease. As a result, cinnamon is only used as a complementary seasoning for cooking. In fact, cinnamon sticks have enormous benefits and properties for health, including:

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Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Source of Antioxidants

Cinnamon contains antioxidants that can help control blood sugar levels. Cinnamon aids digestion after meals and helps improve insulin response in patients with type 2 diabetes. Just one gram of cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels, triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol in diabetic patients, which is a common disease caused by oxidative stress.

Not only that, cinnamon also reduces the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients. Cinnamon can also be a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to increase energy to be more stable.


Anti-infection is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. Cinnamon has natural anti-infective compounds found in studies. Cinnamon is effective against H. Pylori, which is a bacterium found in the digestive tract that causes irritation or ulceration of the stomach wall, as well as other pathogenic bacteria.

Healthy Blood Vessels

With the presence of antioxidants in cinnamon, it plays a role in lowering total cholesterol. This benefit is related to the reduction in blood vessel blockage. By cleaning the blood vessels, blood and oxygen can be channeled properly. It will also prevent heart disease due to blockage of blood vessels.

Relieves Stomach Pain

Relieve stomach pain is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. With a cinnamon concoction, it can also cure stomach pain, namely by drinking a mixture of honey and cinnamon. This is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine recipe. Consuming cinnamon like this, besides being able to treat stomach pain can also clean the dirty intestines.

Get rid of bad breath

Mixing 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder in warm water and drunk every morning can make our mouths fresh all day. Cinnamon is indeed a spice that can eliminate unpleasant odors that interfere with the mouth.

Reducing Gas in the Stomach

Reducing gas in the stomach is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. A study says that consuming a warm drink with a mixture of honey and cinnamon can be very effective in reducing gas in the stomach. The stomach also feels relieved and comfortable to move.

Overcoming Bone Cancer and Stomach Cancer

Research says that by consuming 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder every day for a month, it can overcome bone cancer and stomach cancer. Research at the University of Texas, published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, shows that cinnamon can reduce the proliferation of cancer cells and prevent the development of cancer.

Increase Brain Activity

Increase brain activity is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. Smell the aroma of cinnamon can increase brain activity and cognitive processes of a person. This benefit will help in terms of concentration, memory, and speed of working on computer programs.

Treating the Flu

Cinnamon is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for people who have a fever or influenza. This is because cinnamon contains substances that make the body warmer and more comfortable.

Fighting the HIV Virus

Another very little known benefit of cinnamon sticks is to fight the HIV virus. In a research journal explained that, the extracts that were most effective against HIV-1 and HIv-2 were cinnamon stem extracts and cardiospermum halicacabum.

Overcoming Acne

Overcoming acne is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. Using cinnamon turns out to be able to overcome stubborn acne. This benefit is obtained by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, then applied to the face before going to bed and left overnight.

After waking up, wash your face with warm water, if this method is done every day on a regular basis, it can overcome the problem of acne.

Overcoming Toothache

The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon can also treat toothaches. In a recent study, it was proven that taking cinnamon powder capsules daily, for 2 months, could reduce inflammation.

This is what makes cinnamon suitable for toothache medicine. A simpler way of use can be done by mixing 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder with 5 tablespoons of pure honey, then applied to the aching tooth. Use this concoction regularly until the toothache is gone.

Overcoming Arthritis

Overcoming arthritis is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon can also treat arthritis. How to use it by consuming warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. You can also eat foods that use cinnamon on a regular basis.

Overcoming Hair Loss

Some women must have a lot of problems with hair loss. But now you don’t need to worry because there are many traditional ingredients that can be used to treat hair loss, such as a mixture of olive oil, cinnamon powder and honey. This mixture of natural ingredients can be used as a hair mask on a regular basis.

Thinning Blood

Thinning blood is one of Health Benefits of Cinnamon. Cinnamon produces Cinnamaldehyde, the oil that is made from the cinnamon spice. This oil can be used to prevent blood from clotting. Cinnamon secretes an anti-inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic. These fatty acids then reduce inflammation and blood clots.

Overcoming Menstrual Pain

Cinnamon turns out to have a warming effect on the body that is useful for dealing with menstrual pain. Indeed, when the body warms up, blood flow will be smooth and improve the menstrual cycle.

Cinnamon will also balance reproductive hormones, which will reduce pain during menstruation. How to consume it by mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in drinks such as tea, milk, or juice that we will consume.

Sufficient Nutrition Needs

Cinnamon bark also contains fiber, calcium and iron, although in small amounts. Even though it contains only a small amount, cinnamon is still enough to help meet daily nutritional needs if you consume it regularly.

Well, now you know the 17 surprising health benefits of cinnamon. That way, you will realize that cinnamon is not just a topping or additional ingredient in food or drinks.

The thing that must be considered when consuming cinnamon is the reaction of cinnamon to chemical drugs. Cinnamon can react with antibiotics, diabetes medications, blood thinners and heart medications. Therefore, consultation with a doctor is necessary if you want to consume cinnamon along with other medicines.

In addition to providing extraordinary benefits for health, cinnamon can also provide side effects for the health of the body. The use of the wrong or too much cinnamon or on people who are allergic, can cause irritation of the mouth, lips, and other parts that can cause sores. Usually it will cause redness if applied to the skin.

The risk of excessive consumption of cinnamon is likely to be toxic, especially in people with liver disorders. An ingredient in some cinnamon products, such as coumarin, can cause liver problems. In addition, because cinnamon can lower blood sugar, people with diabetes may need to adjust their medication if they take cinnamon supplements.

People with gastric ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome should be careful when consuming cinnamon. Consuming large amounts of cinnamon (more than half a teaspoon) can cause stomach lining irritation.

Furthermore, cinnamon contains a substance that is toxic to the kidneys when consumed in large quantities. This substance is called coumarin. Therefore, it is recommended that people with kidney or liver disorders or those taking drugs that are metabolized in the liver limit their consumption of cinnamon.

Indeed, cinnamon is very good for medicine and health care, but evidence of the safety of cinnamon as a traditional medicine is still relatively lacking. Therefore cinnamon is not recommended for children, or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In addition, for those of you who are taking regular medications, you should first consult a trusted doctor, before using cinnamon as an herbal medicine to avoid contradictions.

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