How to clean curtains
How to clean curtains

How to clean curtains and care it

How to clean curtains and care it – Do you remember when was the last time Your House curtains were washed? The work of cleaning and washing the curtains is the heavy work which is often forgotten. The size is large and the material is great and the weight often makes us lazy to wash it ourselves. Curtains should be washed periodically three months or at least six months.

Moreover, the position of the curtains in front of the vents makes it a den of dust. If the curtains left continuously will become a hotbed of diseases, especially if there are any members of your family who have a history of asthma or allergic to dust.

How to clean curtains and care it

To make the curtains of the House kept clean there are several practical ways to wash curtains so it could be more efficient without the need to bring it to the laundry.

Discover the material of the curtains.

The first thing you have to do that is to check the type of curtains. Not all curtain material can be washed using a washing machine. Curtains of cotton materials, or mild Satun in General can be washed using a washing machine. While the material of velvet or organza are somewhat prone to use the washing machine or need special settings when washed with the machine.

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Clean it first.

Before being washed, clean first the curtains of dust using a vacuum cleaner. Clean from top to bottom direction to avoid the dust falls in the cleaned section. You can also clean it with a duster or a damp cloth. For easy, clean when the curtains still hanging. Clean both sides of the curtains because the back cannot be separated from the impurities. Avoid using a wet washcloth to clean your curtains is light colored.

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Thick Curtains.

You can wash thick with the machine. When washing the curtains don’t mix it with other clothing. Use a gentle detergent and avoid using hot water that could potentially damage the curtains. For top openings washing machine, use detergent which produces foam a lot, whereas if you use the front openings washing machine, use detergents that produces little foam. After being washed three times doing the flushing. Last soak use fragrances.

Fringe curtains.

If You have bangs parted curtains should wash separately. If fringe curtains have a long fringe should you wash by hand to avoid damage.

Thin Curtains.

To wash the thin curtains, You can do a manual washing. First, soak the thin curtains for 30 minutes until dirt raised. You can add a little vinegar to make the curtains more clean. Then manually wash and rub gently. After a rinse washed about three times in order to clean. Then add fragrances so fragrant.

Drying Techniques.

For drying should not be done using the dryer because it will damage the material of the curtains. Dry curtains that have been washed indirect way in the drying, but not in direct sunlight. For fringe curtains preferably dried with the same position when bangs curtains attached so as not to change the shape of the bangs, yarn, or lace.

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