Bohemian bedroom style

Bohemian bedroom style

When about to make changes in the House, the bedroom tends to be one of the priorities. This area is a private space where not everyone can fit into it. If you’re bored with the feel of a room-that’s it, You can apply the unique design and relaxed like a bohemian style. Known as ‘ boho style ‘ is defined as the interior style is a combination of several elements.

For example the selection of shabby chic, stylish accessories as well as an eclectic interspersed with works of art and a theatrical idealist.

Boho is also usually a reflection of the lifestyle of someone who appreciates art, colorful contrast, creative, adventurous, and a free soul. No wonder this style often represent the millennial generation lifestyle today.

It should be noted that boho style is also not limited to someone’s opinion. No specific trends in interior decorating for all customized bohemian tastes of the owner.

Interested in cheating the Bohemian bedroom style? Check out some decorating tips here.

Learn about the famous Bohemian lifestyle.

Read and learn about the article or book that deals with the history of the bohemianism and creative people who are influential in it. Specify your preferred taste. Then hanging a painting or work of art most inspiring in your room. Some famous bohemian artists are artist Frida Kahlo, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, author of the poetry of Leonard Cohen, dancer Isadora Duncan, and artist Margaret Olley.

Enrich your bedroom with a work of art.

A plain wall does not describe the impression of a bohemian. Therefore, you should start collecting some accessories to decorate the room. For example a painting or pillowcases with screen printing. Because bohemian always relates to artists, musicians, writers and designers, so you can easily find inspiration on the internet.

Dare to play with style and texture.

A room filled with texture and pattern could reflect a brave bohemian person. For example the exposed brick, thick rugs, sheets made from satin style, antique beds and lights etc. Bedrooms with high foundations could also make the room seem relieved, although filled with a variety of shades and textures.

Create a creative area in the bedroom.

Reserving an area in the bedroom to write, sketch, design or anything that distributes your art hobby. Post a work of art that you create in order to complement the decor of the room.

Create a comfortable and lovely bedrooms to relax.

Suppose the bedroom as a work of art that you create yourself. Starting from soft quilted floor carpet until the cushioned pillow. Make sure there is a touch of color and pattern that makes you glad to see it. Note also the design of the headboard or bed rest can be added backdrop or curtain to look more instagrammable.

Give dim lighting.

Bohemian synonymous with warm soft light. You can bring the bed lamp that pulled out a romantic reflection throughout the room. Or it could be a glitter decoration with lights flickering wrapped on the walls of the room.

Antique accessories.

If you are having trouble finding stylish shabby chic furniture, go to the flea market to get some of the desired collection. If necessary, scrub with paint so that it looks new.

Thank you very much for reading Bohemian bedroom style, hopefully useful.

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