How to care for wooden utensils
How To Care For Wooden Utensils

5 Ways How To Care For Wooden Utensils to be Durable and Not Easily Damaged

How to care for wooden utensils – Tableware which are often used daily have a variety of raw materials. There are stainless steel, aluminum, iron, plastic and wood.

How to care for it also must be different because it comes from different raw materials.

For example, wooden tableware which is more prone to damage because it is made of natural materials.

Wooden tableware and cooking utensils are kitchen utensils that have existed since ancient times.

Wooden spoons, cutting boards, and ladle are the mainstay for use in all types of dishes.

If cared for properly, wooden utensils can last for years.

One way How To Care For Wooden Utensils is to wash it with warm water.

Check out how to care for wooden tableware below:

How to care for wooden utensils

Do not wash in the machine, use hands with warm water

Tableware should not be soaked and washed in the dishwasher.

Too much water and the temperature of the dishwasher will cause the wood to swell and the wood to crack.

Instead of washing wooden utensils by hand, using soap and warm water.

Wipe with a clean cloth

After washing thoroughly, wipe wooden utensils with a clean dishcloth, then allow to dry completely, before storing them.

Apply mineral oil

If a cutting board or wooden utensil starts look dry or doesn’t feel very smooth, scrub it regularly once a month with mineral oil or beeswax.

Do not use vegetable oil, cooking oil, and olive, because the wood will smells rancid and dust will easily stick.

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Prevent wood smell

Wooden cutlery absorbs odors from strong flavors such as garlic, oil, and foods with strong spices.

The way to reduce odors on wooden utensils is to scrub the surface of wooden utensils with a lemon wedge and a paste made of baking soda and water.

You can separate wooden utensils for certain foods to avoid transferring flavors.

Smooths wood surfaces and stains

When wooden utensils feel rough and there are stains, you can rub them with a piece of fine sandpaper.

After that, grease the wooden utensils with mineral oil or beeswax.

Those are tips for caring for and cleaning wooden tableware, hopefully it will be useful.

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