Benefits of cooking for mental health
Benefits Of Cooking For Mental Health

8 Benefits Of Cooking For Mental Health

Cooking is not just a food-producing, but helps avoid stress, anxiety, and depression. In this article, we will discuss the Benefits of Cooking for Mental Health

Having to do all the activities at home due to Coronavirus pandemic, make many people end up trying to process their own food.

But apparently, when cooking unconsciously, the body experiences effects such as moderate therapy for mental health.

This activity is capable of avoiding stress, anxiety and depression, which most people feel due to Coronavirus pandemic.

It is also recommended by therapists as a good relaxation effort to cope with mental stress.

Sometimes, cooking is even included in the treatment program, where individuals are encouraged to practice cooking themselves to focus on something positive.

Benefits Of Cooking For Mental Health

You can choose healthier and nutritious food

When cooking for yourself, you can choose to use ingredients that are good for brain health.

For example, foods that contain amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, zinc and magnesium.

It’s some important nutrients that can nourish the brain.

In addition, you can also add anti-inflammatory foods such as fruit, fish, nuts and grains that can protect the brain from cognitive disorder and dementia.

As a bonus, this meal lowers oxidative stress, lowers inflammation, boosts blood sugar and lowers the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome.

This makes cooking a solution to improve your physical and mental health.

Giving a sense of pride

Giving a sense of pride is one of Benefits Of Cooking For Mental Health.

Cooking or baking has a positive effect for mental health in two ways, namely cooking process and the results of the cuisine. Cooking gives something real from its own effort. In psychology, it is known for behavioral activation.

When cooking is done, people will feel happy and proud to see the results of his work. This will stimulate a positive effect for the body.

Boosts focus and creativity

Cooking involves preparing the ingredients and mixing them to get a delicious meal. This process does not cause anxiety, but rather increases focus and creativity.

Studies on the 2016 show, creativity in the cooking process triggers a sense of happiness in the person who does it.

Helping to increase ties with loved ones

Cooking together with family members can help each other. In addition, cooking also requires communication and cooperation to produce good food and timely meals.

Cooking also helps people learn conflict management, because a family may have to compromise on tastes.

Full attention

Cooking makes us must focus when having to slice the ingredients in the form of vegetables or seasonings, smell the aroma of food and observe the color of the cooked ingredients.

This way you will not think too much of the past and think too much of the future.

This activity addresses you from problems and helps you accomplish small tasks, prompting us to be proactive.


As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. Meanwhile, Judith Orloff, a psychiatrist said, patience does not mean passiveness or resignation, but strength. It is a practice of waiting and knowing when to act.

Cooking at home requires patience in various steps. You need some time to try the garlic, onion, and ginger to taste optimal before enjoying the meal.

Increasing positive feelings to food

Learning to cook at home can have a positive impact on your feelings with food. According to Dr. Susan Moore, spokesman for the American Dietetic Association, children whose parents invite them to cook together positive thinking about healthy food.

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Physical Activity

Benefits of cooking for mental health - phisical activity

Cooking requires a lot of physical activity to cut, stir, and add ingredients.

While not comparable to regular exercise, it certainly helps you out of a monotonous lifestyle, as well as making healthy food choices.

Cooking therapies also provide mental stimulation for parents, disability, and mentally impaired people.

Cooking will give them a sense of freedom and possession for what they will eat.

Thank you very much for reading Benefits Of Cooking For Mental Health, hopefully useful.

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