Foods that should not be microwaved
Foods That Should Not Be Microwaved

10 Foods That Should Not Be Microwaved

The Foods That Should Not Be Microwaved – The Microwave is one of the most practical electronic devices to heat the food. No need to wait long, food that has been cold can be warm again. The taste was delicious again.

Nevertheless, not all foods can be heated using a microwave, you know. The heat delivered from the microwave can alter the texture of the food, and instead make it less palatable.

Here are the Foods That Should Not Be Microwaved, among others:

The Foods That Should Not Be Microwaved

Any type of bread

Any type of bread will not taste good after heated in a microwave. Whether it’s burgers, sandwiches, or any leftover bread. Heating it up with the microwave removes the moisture in it, making the bread texture so hard.

Boiled egg

Peeled or not, when the boiled egg is cooked in the microwave, the moisture in it creates an extreme build up steam, such as a mini-pressure pan, to the point where the eggs can explode.

More frightening, eggs will not explode in the microwave while being heated, but afterwards, which means a spicy hot egg can explode in your hands, on a plate, even in your mouth.

To avoid the egg turning into a steam bomb, cut into small pieces first before heated, or better yet, no need to be heated in the microwave.

Breast milk

Many new mothers freezes and store breast milk for later use. This is good, as long as it’s not heated in the microwave.

In the same way as the microwave heats the food plates unevenly, it can also warm up the breast milk evenly, creating a hot spot that can burn the mouth and throat of the baby.

Then, there is the danger of carcinogens with heated use of plastics. The FDA recommends that breast milk and formula milk be melted and re-heated in a pan on a stove, or using a hot water faucet.

Frozen meat

Some people may think warming the frozen meat using a microwave so one way to make it faster liquid. In fact, the heat produced by the microwave can start the cooking process on the meat.

As a result, when cooked, the meat maturity level is uneven. Preferably, melt frozen meat by moving it from the freezer to the refrigerator and wait overnight before cooking.


Proteins are a bad choice for heat in a microwave.
If we heat a protein-like food such as chicken meat or steak using a microwave, the moisture in it will disappear. In all, the texture of the meat will feel hard and tough.


Foods that should not be microwaved - fruit

Fruit like apples and bananas will lose its taste if heated with a microwave. In fact, grapes can explode and the raisins evaporate when heated in a microwave.

Food stored in the food box

Although simple and instant, heating the food inside the box with microwave can be dangerous. If inside the box there is a thin layer of iron, it can heat up the burned box when it is in the microwave.

Food wrapped in aluminium foil

Any metal material, tin paper, and the like will explode and damage microwave if heated in it.

Plastic Wrapped Food

95 percent of plastic materials will release chemical vapors when heated even if claimed to be safe for the microwave. Try not to heat food in a plastic container or Styrofoam in a microwave.

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Mind to heat the remaining pasta sauce or steak sauce using the microwave to make it faster? It’s better to undo your intentions.

Because, heating the sauce using a microwave will make it explode and contaminate the inside of the microwave. You should preheat the sauce on the stove using a small flame.

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