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7 Unique Door Design Makes Home Eccentric

Unique Door Design Makes Home Eccentric – The door of the House is an important element in the dwelling. It is located in front of forming the first impression before entering a dwelling. Therefore, it is important to decorate the doors of the House. There are some ideas that can be used as inspiration to decorate a door.

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Unique Door Design Makes Home Eccentric

The Color Of The Light.

What color to paint my front door
what color to paint my front door

This is the easiest way to decorate your home door. Use light colors can be a statement color for the home, such as red pepper, yellow, pastel green, Orange, blue and so on.

The Initials Of A Name.

Wooden letters

For sweeteners, you can add accessories in the form of initials affixed in the center of the door of the House. Initials can use basic ingredients of wood or other creative ideas such as formed from ornamental plants, and so on. In addition to the initials, you can also put the number of houses in the middle of the door.

Plants on the edge of the door.

Plants for front door entrance
plants for front door entrance

To add a beautiful look of the door, you can use vines to decorate ornamental plants along the edge of the door. This plant in addition to beautify the appearance of the door also built the beautiful nuance in the front of the dwelling.

Use a black plaster.

You can also decorate Your own house door in a simple manner, i.e. the use of black plaster. If possible Paint Your House door first into a white color. After that, create a pattern of decoration on the door of the House. Then cut the plaster according to the pattern and stick it on the door. You can create a tribal motif on the door.

Decor door decoration.

Home door decoration ideas - unique door design
home door decoration ideas

Decorate the door with ornate decoration. There are many ornate doors that you can use, such as the writings of ‘ welcome ‘, the glue dried flowers, or wallpaper sticker. You can also create your own decorations.

The plant on the left and right. To decorate the door does not have to be always at the door. You can add decorations on the area around the door. You can add plants in pots on the left and right doors. This will make the look more beautiful and interesting.

A Doormat.

You can put a unique and interesting doormat on the front door. A doormat with light colors will make the area around the door more characteristic and bright so unsightly eye.


If you have a large terrace, you can also add a bench near the door. This bench can be used for seated guests who came while waiting for the doors to be opened by the host. The selection of the design of the bench should be adjusted to the home themes.

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