Things to check before buying a used house

Things to check before buying a used house

Each wanted to buy a House, a lot of things that have to be checked, especially if you want to buy a used home. There are points that you should consider in order not to regret later on. Therefore, before you decide to buy a used home, consider the following things. Things to check before buying a used house.

Things to check before buying a used house

  • Age of the building structure.

The first thing that must be noted and in buying a used House is the Age of the building structure. Because, this is the only thing that is not visible. You need to make sure when the House was built. This also becomes more important as it relates to the strength of the residential structure.

  • Physical shape.

Check thoroughly the physical part of the building. From the most underdeveloped part of the front of the building of the House. Starting from the condition field of the walls, floors, roof structure to it should also be ascertained whether it still stands robustly or not. Because if its physical condition was nothing more than 70 percent healthy, its mark after purchase, you would need considerable renovations.

  • Layout and amount of space.

In addition to the shape and the physical condition of the building, you also need to have a match with the layout or space within the home itself. If the amount of space is in accordance with the needs of the family, you then need to feel for yourself whether the relationship between the space is well connected or not. This is quite important, because everyone has a different perception.

  • Check the channel.

This is often overlooked, but important. As a prospective homeowner, you need to know if the entire electrical flow goes well, where the track and a source of clean water, where lies the septic tank, as well as find out if the land the building is never injected termites or not. So if one time is needed and there are disruptions, you do not bother anymore to contact or find the former owner of the House.

  • Administrative document.

Just as important as the physical form of the building, before committing the transaction or purchase a home, You should make sure your documents and all administrative affairs of this House are owned properly.

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