Ramen instant facts
Ramen Instant Facts

13 Interesting Ramen Instant Facts

Ramen or instant noodle is one of the most popular food ingredients. Easy presentation with delicious flavor makes the ramen a favorite food for many people. But not many people know about the interesting ramen instant facts.

Ramen Instant Facts

Here are some facts about ramen that you may not have known:

Ramen was originally considered as a luxury food ingredient

When first introduced to supermarkets in Japan, ramen initially had a price of six times more expensive than fresh noodles. Will remain, nowadays ramen is considered as cheap food. One pack of ramen is generally sold at a price of $25 US dollar cents.

Ramen originated from China

The next Interesting Ramen Instant Facts is ramen originated from China.

The world’s first ramen noodle was created in 1910 in Japan. At the time, a Chinese chef at the Rairaikan Tokyo restaurant tried to create a signature dish consisting of yellow broth and Chinese noodles and elastic textured.

The Chinese noodles used by the chef have a more elastic texture when compared to the current ramen noodles. This is because the chef adds sodium carbonate when making the noodle dough.

This dish is then popular and named Shina Soba. The word Shina itself sounds like the pronunciation of the word “China”, and the word soba which means buckwheat noodles.

Nevertheless, this composition of Soba Shina is different from Japanese soba composition, namely in the use of wheat as the raw material of its manufacture.

A few years later the popularity of Shina Soba began to expand and made all Japanese restaurants create a Shina soba dish with local ingredients.

The world political situation as well as the defeat of Japan during World War II proved to influence the development of Shina Soba as the forerunner of modern ramen noodles. The use of the word Shina is regarded as a symbol of imperialist aggression and is regarded as a terrible form of racist insult.

So, at that time the word Shina soba is changed to the word Chuka Soba. The use of the Chuka Soba word did not last long because after 1958, a famous instant noodle company in Japan issued a first Chuka Soba product in an instant form named Chikin Ramen.

The selection of the word, ramen itself comes from the Chinese “la” which means pull, and “mien” meaning noodles. So, the word ramen is used to describe a culinary product in the form of noodles that means making it through the process of pulling the dough.

Ramen is the first noodle consumed in outer space

The instant noodle inventor Momofoku Ando finds noodles that can be eaten in outer space in 2005, two years before he dies.

He found the better sealed version of the noodles than the vacuum packaging where the version had smaller noodles and thicker broth for easy eating despite the ungravitational conditions.

The noodles found by Momofoku Ando are given the name Space Ram Noodles. At the time, the Japanese astronauts named Soichi Noguchi brought the instant noodle from Momofoku Ando into space with him in a space shuttle.

Eating too much ramen can cause death

The next Interesting Ramen Instant Facts is it can cause death

A study in 2014 published in the Journal of Nutrition found that instant noodles consuming twice or more per week may increase the risk of heart disease and some conditions such as diabetes and stroke.

This is because instant ramen is processed with calories and sodium is very high. In addition, Styrofoam packaging in Instant ramen contains CPA that interfere with the hormone in the body.

Contains more sodium

One pack of ramen contains more sodium than needed one day. One pack of Nissin ramen contains 1,820 mg of sodium. While in a day the human need is 2,300 mg.

Student Food

The next Interesting Ramen Instant Facts is student food.

Daily Infographic has some interesting facts about ramen. In Japan, ramen is usually called “Gakusei Ryori,” meaning “Student Cuisine.” This is because the ramen price is cheap, filling and affordable by students and school children.

Easy to create various creations

Ramen instant facts -easy to create various creations

If you are a fan of instant ramen, you don’t really need to mix the ingredients in the packaging. You can get creative with your own different flavors. You can add various vegetables, eggs, and other ingredients that enhance the taste of instant ramen. In addition, you don’t need to use a lot of time to cook it.

Have a secret ingredient

Noodles for ramen have a nice texture. The secret ingredient of noodle making is kansui or alkaline water. Its use makes noodles sturdy and chewy. Kansui also prevented the noodles from being mushy.

Use leftover food

Initially ramen was made using leftover food to prevent disposal. The new Ramen really attracted the attention of the Japanese after World War II. At that time, Japanese soldiers returning from China began to make their own noodles from flour rations. As the country’s economy increased in the 1980s, the same thing was the ramen. This food is no longer processed leftover ingredients.

Funds for eating ramen

The average expenditure of funds for eating ramen is about 140 US dollars per year. With 13 cents per serving for 365 days around 142.35 US dollars.

The digestive process

The digestive process of ramen in the stomach takes time. A study said the noodles in 2 hours was still shaped intact.

Food in prison

In America, instant noodles are very inexpensive, which is often served in jail. In New York’s famous Riker’s Island Jail, noodles are so popular because prisoners love it and the demand for instant noodles is high there.

Compared to the bland food served in jail, instant noodles are actually served with seasonings and non-vegetarian flavors, making this product also quite famous.

It can help overcome food crisis

It is estimated that the world’s population can reach 10 billion by the end of the century. This can lead to inadequate distribution of resources and increasing poverty. Predictions show that this will most likely cause food crises around the world in the future that can have an impact on billions of people.

Products like instant noodles are seen as an attempt to solve the current and future food problems. During disasters such as storms or earthquakes, instant noodles are most likely to be included in the aid usually sent by governments and charities in areas affected by disasters. Instant Ramen is inexpensive to produce and easy to distribute.

Indeed, Japan was experiencing a desperate state after the destruction of World War II, encouraging innovators such as Momofuku Ando, who later established the Nissin Foods company, comes with fast and cheap cooking solutions such as instant ramen.

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