The most expensive apartment in the world

The most expensive apartment in the world

Luxurious residence with full facilities as well as charming views can be felt at the apartment. Vertical residential is usually aligned with the high costs that must be incurred in buildiing it. Price issued could also make people stunned because reaching tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. The apartment is now considered to be a place of residence by some people. The reasons are manifold, ranging from closer to the Centre of the city, and want to use the facilities provided. Some people also do not hesitate buying apartment although with exorbitant prices, even higher than House prices in general. Here are The most expensive apartment in the world that make you amazed.

The most expensive apartment in the world

  • La Tour Odeon, Monaco

The most expensive apartment in the universe is in Monaco, La Tour Odeon. A penthouse in building named La Tour Odeon sells for 335 million US dollars. Residents can get a residential area of nearly 3,000 square meters in floor of 39 to 45 overlooking the sea. The apartment is also equipped with a rooftop deck and a swimming pool and a waterslide and a dance floor.

  • Admiralty Arch, England

Facing directly to a Buckingham Palace, a luxurious flat in Admiralty Arch in London, sold up to 150 million Britih pounds. Admiralty Arch prospective buyers can choose between having the property as one large flat or divide it into four smaller apartments.

  • One57, United States

One57 Tower is in New York City, United States with an altitude of 306 metres. These apartments are mostly sold by buyers from abroad. In may 2012, a buyer has agreed to pay more than 90 million us dollars for area of 1,015 square metres on level 89 and 90. Two months later, the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani also broke the record by agreeing to buy the unit for $100 million USD.

  • The Peak, Hong Kong
The most expensive apartment in the world - the peak hong kong
The Most Expensive Apartment In The World – The Peak Hong Kong

Expensive property in Hong Kong is already a public secret. However, this one, the price is fantastic. Two units in the luxury residential development in The Peak sold 149 million US. dollars. An unidentified buyer paid the 76.8 million US dollars for unit area of 425 square metres and approximately 71.7 million US dollars for the apartment area of 394 square metres.

  • Wallich Residence, Singapore

The asking price for the full three-tiered with private pool on the floor of 64 in Singapore, has reached 100 million Singapore dollars. Wallich Residence is in the tallest building in Singapore. With the heading bungalow in the sky, this unit will likely be the most expensive apartment in Singapore.

  • Al Habtoor City’s Noora Tower, United Arab Emirates

An apartment with three floors in the building of city’s Noora Al Habtoor Tower, Dubai was sold for 54 million US dollars. Spacious units reached 2,787 square metres and are located in the tower with a height of 74 floors. Residents can enjoy a 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline, several terraces, a swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi, gym, and sauna and steam room. All are private facilities.

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