Home entrance decor ideas
Home Entrance Decor Ideas

10 Home Entrance Decor Ideas, Don’t Ignore!

Entrance area or foyer rarely gets people’s attention. Most feel it is enough when they have designed the living room area. In fact, the entrance area is the first area that will be seen by people who enter your house. Of course you want to build first impression good with your guests, right?

For that, here are a series of Home Entrance Decor Ideas which you can try to emulate. Read to the end, okay?

Home Entrance Decor Ideas

  1. Use white tones to give the impression of being clean and relieved. Give a minimalist but still eye pleasing decoration, such as ornamental plants and paintings
  2. If you don’t have space for decoration, use wallpaper to add to the characteristics of the entrance area. Stripes wallpaper can give the impression of a large space
  3. Do not use primary colors such as green, red, gray, brown, and black. Choose an attractive color palette like peach color combined with white
  4. Use window blinds to add color and visuals to the entrance area. You can give texture by adding certain motifs in window blinds
  5. Use wall storage so you don’t forget your keys or change before leaving the house
  6. Coat hooks are not only used to hang clothes. Use modern coat hooks to give a funky element to the modern area of the entrance
  7. To give the impression of timeless, use ornamental plants and chandeliers. Don’t forget to complete it with a touch of carpet and wall decoration
  8. You can use a green tone in the entrance area and add plants to add a fresh impression
  9. Stay aesthetic by using decorations with earthy tones. Complete with a mirror so that you always look good before leaving the house!
  10. If you have more space, create a sitting area at the entrance that can make it easier for you to put on your shoes. You can fill the rest of the area with wall storage

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Those are a series of Home Entrance Decor Ideas that you can try to imitate! The entrance area is the first area that other people see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. From the series of designs above, which one is your favorite?

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