Pink and black bedroom
Pink and Black Bedroom

Pink and Black Bedroom – 3 Easy to Follow Ideas

Combining two colors that have different characteristics is one of many methods you can use to create a beautiful interior design. You also can apply this method to various rooms in your house. The bedroom is one of them. This time, we are going to try to look for ideas for a bedroom with two color characteristics. They are the pink and black bedroom ideas.

Why Pink and Black?

Pink and black represent two colors with the opposite characteristic. The pink color gives you a soft, calm, and relaxing effect. It also could create a sexy and hot nuance, if you used it at the right place and combination.

On the other hand, black is a neutral color. However, when you combine it with the brighter color or the color with the opposite characteristic, like pink, the strong and impactful characteristic will emerge. Therefore, it creates a good balance for the bedroom. The atmosphere will become more comfortable, which is necessary to create a perfect place where you can sleep and rest your body and mind.

The Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas

We can create various atmospheres, styles, and views by using different ways to use these two colors. Here are some of the ideas that you can use.

–      The Blush Pink and Black

First of all, you can use the blush pink and black bedroom idea. The secret here is to choose the lighter tone of pink color. Then, for the usage, you can put the black color as the background and the blush pink as the focal point.

For example, you can paint the wall black and use a black bed sheet. Then, for the pillow or the frame of your photo or art that you hang on that black wall, you can use the blush pink color. This method will increase the exposure of the pink-colored item. Your pillow will look inviting with this color that lets you feel cozy when you enter the bedroom and lay your head on it.

–      One Wall Style

This one is a perfect choice for you who want to create a pink highlight in your bedroom. It is also a beautiful modern black and pink bedroom that matches all bedroom interior styles. To create this design, you only need to pay for one part of your bedroom with either pink or black. Then, use the other color as the complementary color to support that majority wall color.

For example, you can choose one wall and paint it black or pink. Then, you use this part as the background to place your black furniture, bed, or any object. It will create a unique combination. Plus, the one-tone color wall makes it easier to emphasize certain aspects of your bedroom. It could be the bed, furniture, or even decoration.

However, when we said you can paint one side of the wall of your bedroom pink or black, it doesn’t mean you can only apply it on the wall. You also can use other parts of your bedroom, such as your bedroom floor or ceiling.

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–      Hints of Pink and Black

You also can try this pink and black bedroom idea. As for this style, you don’t have to use a lot of pink and black in your bedroom. You only add a subtle touch of pink and black. That is enough to make those two colors stand out among others. How to do that?

There are many methods you can use to apply this idea. The most common and easiest method is using a one-color background. For example, you can use a white color theme for the room’s dominant color. It means you use white wall paint, furniture, accessories, ceiling, rug, and other parts. Then, you use the pink and black blanket and pillow.

You also can change the white color with other colors of your choice. This light pink and black bedroom idea is a perfect choice for you who live with other people that don’t like pink and black that much. So, when you and your couple stay in the bedroom, both of you can still feel comfortable.

–      Hot Pink and Black Bedroom

As we mentioned above, you also can use pink and black to create a best atmosphere in your bedroom. To do this, you simply have to use the darker pink tone as the majority color. Creating the majority of colors is easy. You only have to put it in a place that is easy to see. In this case, you can choose the entire bedroom wall.

As for the black, you use it to support the pink. Add it to the bottom part of the wall and the ceiling to create something similar to a frame. This method will help the pink area to get more attention from people that enter your bedroom and turn it into the bedroom focal point.

There are many other hot pink and black bedroom ideas that you also can try. The core of this style is darker pink and makes it a dominant color. You also can combine them with your furniture and floor. Try to find more references on the internet to find the best hot style with pink and black color for your bedroom.

To make it even hotter, you also can use the lighting. Yellow lighting for the ambiance is the perfect choice for this bedroom. Then, you use the main lighting with shade to soften the light. It will create a cozy and calm atmosphere. Now, you can enjoy the room with your loved one.


Those three ideas are one of a thousand other ideas you can use. You can combine them or modify that style to create the pink and black bedroom that you like. If it is necessary, you also can hire a professional interior designer to help you design your bedroom. You may have to pay more for that, but that will help you to get the best result.

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