Minimalist wardrobe design ideas
Minimalist Wardrobe Design Ideas

Minimalist Wardrobe Design Ideas That Makes The Bedroom More Cool

Minimalist Wardrobe Design Ideas – Looking for a new wardrobe for your bedroom? Every element in the bedroom certainly supports each other to create comfort for its residents, including the wardrobe. Improper cabinet design even makes the room seem narrower and less aesthetic.

Well, of the many models of wardrobe design that exist, one of the favorites is a minimalist wardrobe. This design will give a simple and elegant look, while highlighting the look of the present. For those of you who want to apply a minimalist wardrobe, check out some of the following designs and ideas.

Minimalist Wardrobe Design Ideas

Doorless Wardrobe

Nowadays, doorless wardrobes with clothes hanging neatly inside are becoming a trend, especially among young people. This wardrobe with an open design can be used to get around the size of a limited room to look more spacious. By looking at clothes that depend, you are constantly motivated to always arrange the contents of the wardrobe neatly so that it is good to look at.

Cabinets with Sliding Doors

The next minimalist wardrobe design that is often a mainstay is a wardrobe with sliding doors. In contrast to a wardrobe with hinge doors that require more space on the right and left so that the door can be opened. Using a sliding door wardrobe will minimize the space needed. Even a limited room will not prevent you when opening the wardrobe door. Not only the design is minimalist, sliding doors will also give the impression of elegance, but functional because it can save space.

Wardrobe with Mirrors

Once diving, drink water. The mirror on the door of the wardrobe can give the illusion of a room being twice as big. A wardrobe door with a mirror will save space in your room, because you don’t need anywhere else to put a mirror and makeup. All you can get from one minimalist wardrobe only. Very practical, right?

Hanging Wardrobe with Curtains

The use of a wardrobe with curtains will save your room.

In addition to not needing a lot of space when opening a wardrobe, you can also make it as a bedroom decoration.

A wardrobe with curtains is suitable for those of you who have a lot of clothes.

That way, your bedroom will look more spacious and not cluttered.

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Wardrobe Design That Blends Into the Wall

To get around the use of space, you can unite the wardrobe with the walls of the room.

This will make the room not look full, and give a neater impression.

In addition, this wardrobe that blends into the wall will give up as space on the wall.

However, to make this type of closet you need to plan its construction.

Because, there are some spaces that must be given up as a place for your clothes.

This type of wardrobe will be suitable for those of you who have empty space on the wall.

Adjust the size of the wardrobe to the size of the bedroom

By having a limited bedroom size, the choice of wardrobe size should really be adjusted. With the right selection, your space will still look spacious and feel comfortable. Wardrobes with a minimalist style, simple and concise design will look very appropriate for your small room. But you must still maximize its function as a storage area well.

Adjust wardrobe choices to the number of room occupants

Choosing the right wardrobe for a narrow sized bedroom should also be adjusted to the number of room occupants. When you live alone, you can simply buy a small, compact wardrobe. When you have a lot of stuff, choose a wardrobe with a lot of bulkheads to load your various items. Storage boxes can also be added to your wardrobe.

For bedrooms occupied by 2 or more people require a larger wardrobe size, many bulkheads and also separate doors. With a bulkhead that is also useful as a barrier, it will make it easier for you to find clothes or goods and not mixed with other people’s. Choose wardrobe with many bulkheads and drawers according to their function so that all items have their own place.

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