Best foods for kittens
Best Foods For Kittens

Yummy! Here are 7 Best Foods For Kittens

The Best Foods For Kittens – Who currently has kittens at home? His tiny body makes us excited when we see him. However, you also need to pay attention to nutritional intake.

In addition to drinking milk from their mother, kittens also need complementary food so that they can grow more optimally. No need to be confused, below are 7 best foods for kittens that are safe to eat. Check, come on!

Best Foods For Kittens

1. Wet food packaging

Like humans who have not been born long, the digestive organs of kittens are also not fully developed. Therefore, the type of food that is most recommended, especially if it is less than 1 month old, is wet food (wet food). Make sure a number of important nutrients are contained in these foods, such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Omega 3 and 6.

2. Homemade wet food

You can also make wet food yourself, you know! The ingredients include a mixture of meat, dry food, and chicken stew. Don’t forget to pay attention to hygiene. This preparation can last for 3-5 days.

3. Special cat milk

Milk can actually be obtained naturally from the mother cat. However, if you want additional nutrition, some pet shop provides special milk products for kittens. Don’t forget to provide the pacifier to make it easier kitten-mu while drinking it.

4. Rice

Especially for village kittens, the food can also be rice, you know. For the record, the rice given must be of good quality. In addition, the ideal ratio of rice to meat in one serving of cat food is 1:3.

5. Meat

Giving meat directly, generally fish, is also fine, how come! Make it a habit to clean the thorns and cook the meat first before giving it to the kitten. Of course you don’t want your kitten to suddenly get sick because of bacteria from raw meat?

6. Tempeh

Then, there is tempeh, which can be used as a substitute for rice in the meat mixture. The ratio of protein-rich foods to meat remains the same, which is 1:3.

7. Wheat

Another source of protein that can also be used as food for kittens is a variety of wheat, such as brown rice, which has been finely ground first. Next, don’t forget to cook until cooked so that the cat’s digestion remains healthy.

Which food do you usually give?

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