Mice chewing wires
Mice Chewing Wires

Mice Chewing Wires: Causes and How to Prevent Them All

Mice Chewing Wires – Of the many rats’ actions in the house, finding that the wires of electronic equipment have been damaged by mice is most alarming.

How not, cables that have been broken due to rat bites risk damaging electronic equipment, including cars or motorcycles.

Not only that, the act of this one rat poses a risk of endangering the house because the damaged wires being gnawed can trigger an electric short circuit.

The occupants of any house certainly did not expect this to happen. For this reason, wires and electronic equipment need to be kept away from rodents. How?

Why do mice chewing wires?

The act of rats gnawing at the cable certainly makes householder spend more to repair damaged electronic equipment.

Rats have a habit of gnawing because these rodents have an instinct to chew.

This was done so that the rat’s front teeth did not grow excessively. It’s no wonder that rats also target cables, apart from wood and plastic.

Prevent mice from chewing wires

Electrical equipment cables, motors, and cables must be saved from rat bites. But, what to do? Here’s the answer.

At home

There are several ways to electronic equipment cables at home is not damaged by rats, namely:

Close the rat entry point

The occupants of the house are not aware that the place where they live has an entry point that is often traversed by rats.

Therefore, they needed to find an entry point that would allow the mice to sneak in and seal it off.

It’s a good idea to cover any holes, crevices, or cracks in your home with steel wool to prevent rats from getting in easily.

Catch mice

Rat traps can be used to win over rats that roam the house. This allows the occupants of the house to save the wires from rat bites.

This method can be used when householders find dirt, urine, including are scratching or squeaking sounds in their homes.

Although the results are not immediately felt, using traps can gradually reduce the rat population in your home.

Get rid of rat food sources

Basically, mice are looking for three things in their life, namely water, food, and a dark and quiet shelter.

Unfortunately, the house offers three things that rats seek. Thus, the house is often used as a rat as a nest.

For this reason, it is best to eliminate sources of food for rats in the house, such as nuts, seeds, meat, and food for the pet.

The thing that is no less important is to put food inside receptacle airtight or stored in refrigerator.

Also keep the sink away from leftovers, so the rats don’t come to pick it up.

Cover the cable with anti-corrosion tape

Antitussive tape has been sold in various shops and stores e-commerce. This tape allows the cable to survive a rat bite.

In fact, there is also a spicy anti-inflammatory tape containing capsaicin, which makes mice give up when gnawing the wires in the house.

Capsaicin is a compound found in chili peppers and causes a spicy or burning sensation

Call a technician

There is nothing wrong with contacting a technician to evaluate the electricity at home so that it is safe from rat bites.

Technicians also help residents of the house to make sure the damaged wires do not interfere with the electrical or endanger the house.

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In the car

Rat not only make car as a nest, but also target the wires inside to gnaw.

Well, To prevent mice from damaging car cables, here are ways you can do:

Start the car regularly

The car offers the peace and comfort that mice need -especially cars that are rarely used.

Therefore, the car needs to be turned on regularly so that mice do not survive nesting in it.

This method allows the cables in the car to be safe from rats that are fond of gnawing.

Parking inside the garage

The garage can protect the car from mice. But, make sure mice don’t nest in this place.

Try to check for holes that allow mice to enter. Also, make sure that there are no rat nests in the garage.

Even if there are holes in the garage, cover these gaps with steel wool, which is not easy for mice to penetrate.

The reason is, entering a car into a garage filled with rats is the same as coming to “catastrophe”.

Clean the car

It is proper to keep the car clean, like a house. Clean the car from dirt, including food residue.

Because leftover food can invite rats into the car and risk damaging the cables inside.

Also make sure to keep the car away from the trash or pet food. Because, mice like these two things.

Use peppermint oil

One of the natural ingredients that can be used to repel rats is peppermint oil.

That essential oil can be placed in the engine room to prevent rats from getting into the hood.

The pungent aroma of peppermint oil can make mice go away because it is not loud.

Install wire mesh

Another way to cover the car from mice is to install wire mesh under the hood of the car.

This material blocks openings, such as vents and hoods without affecting airflow around the car.

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