Innovative fence design

Innovative Fence Design For Maximum Privacy

Protect our proprietary rights is important, but occasionally try not to overdo it and see the positive side. At home, the fence serves as a protector, a marker of ownership of a land, and safeguard the privacy of the residents. However, the fence does not have to be a metal arrangement on a brick wall. Remember the fence into the elements of the House which was first seen by guests and neighbors, it is important to ensure that the fence look attractive and restorative. Here’s some fence designs are not only sturdy, but also as a patron to embellish the facades of houses. The Innovative Fence Design For Maximum Privacy.

Innovative Fence Design For Maximum Privacy

  • Wooden slats

Wood is a material that has always been eternal, whatever the ongoing trend. The appearance of warm and natural wood can be adapted to any style. The wooden blade looks like a perfect picture as a delicate space barrier and symbolizes the unlimited freshness of the natural atmosphere.

  • Asymmetrical geometry

If  the shape of your House very very geometric and straight-paced, cube-shaped, 90 degree angled, has large glass windows and other contemporary elements, the fence design for your house is fence with straight lines that are not regular and neutral colors into a dynamic touch and balanced for the facade of the House.

  • Rustic wood fence
Innovative fence design - rustic wood fence
Innovative Fence Design – Rustic Wood Fence

Fence of wood and metal frame with finishing rustic is a simple industrial touches but alluring to your garden. Especially when juxtaposed with the gray-painted walls.

  • Wrought iron fence
Innovative fence design - wrought iron fence
Innovative Fence Design – Wrought Iron Fence

The rush of trees may be difficult to present in the yard because of the area is not vast. No need to be sad because wrought iron fence with a silhouette of the tree and the branch will be a picture of what a jungle enigmatic atmosphere. Attractive fence designs that protect privacy by way of luring.

  • Brick walls
Innovative fence design - brick walls
Innovative Fence Design – Brick Walls

The bricks are always interesting for any kind of style of the facade of the House, thanks to texture, color, and shape. Is a creative idea to organize a brick with one corner facing outward. The result is a texture with perfect details, a game of light and shadows that contain mystery.

  • WPC Fence

WPC (wood-plastic composite) is a material made of 60% recycled wood, recycled plastic 30%, and 10% fireproof material. This smooth surface look like real wood. Can be used as a House facade panels, deck, even furniture. This is a durable material with perfect furnishing.

  • Wood, concrete, stone, and tile
  • Natural fences

We can also create a fence that is full of natural atmosphere. How to create a natural fence this is by making the shelves for hanging plants in an inverted triangular pot. In this way then the wall will stand out and the roots of the plant will not be damaged.

  • Artificial vertical garden

Like plants but had no time to take care of it? This fence that will beautify your home and answer Your love on the plant without special care. Artificial or clone plant can be composed into a vertical garden, full of charm, and without water.

  • Concrete and glass

How to build a fence more alluring is building concrete walls with a height of about 1.2 metres, and then put up the fence frosted glass on it. Frosted glass can also be replaced with other materials such as acrylic or polycarbonate structure with steel or aluminum. The goal is to hide the space so that it cannot be seen from the outside and keep it light.

  • Wrought iron fence with wood and stone

Alloy material and different textures would be perfect if done carefully. We have to decide on the style, colors and dimensions. High walls and elongated would be more interesting if the natural stone plates are layered and biting along with wood panels. More fully when the wrought-iron fence was featured as the third element.

  • Wood fence
  • Metal fences on the wall

Concrete fence painted neutral and the structure of the metal fence topped with dark furnishing. In this way the fence will not seem monotonous, but still function optimally as a patron of the House.

  • Sweet bars
  • Ambiguous but surely

Metallic materials may be used to create any form, not only limited to vertical and horizontal railing fence. The metallic fencing alternated with the intermittent room will give a modern and up-to-date appearance on the facade of the house.

  • Bamboo fence
Innovative fence design - bamboo fence
Innovative Fence Design – Bamboo Fence

These types of fences can amplify the natural impression in your yard.

  • Iron railings for your privacy

This way can be applied when we want to connect with the outside world, but still want privacy. Steel plate embedded in the iron bar height between the eyes. Contemporary looks and safe.

  • Lattice fence
  • Stone and steel

Stone and steel alloy was incredible. A composition between natural and rustic material with soft and flexible material will create the appearance of a facade of the House that was glamorous and sophisticated.

  • Plated walls

Wall as a fence of the House will be more prominent if sheathed in tile, ceramic tile, natural stone or brick decorative.

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