How to store bread
How To Store Bread

8 Tips: How To Store Bread For A Long Time

How To Store Bread For A Long Time – Type of bread is very diverse, and it can be processed into various culinary.

When storing bread, the refrigerator is your biggest enemy. Bread is more quickly damaged if it is stored in the refrigerator than if it is at room temperature. The best way to store the bread is to place it at room temperature for one or two days, then wrap and freeze to get a longer storage time. When you remove it and reheat it, the bread will feel like it’s freshly baked again.

Here are some tips on how to store bread to keep it in the best condition.

How To Store Bread

Cut the bread

Cut the whole bread from the middle to the edges. This is useful for blocking air that can make the bread easier to mold. After that, wrap the bread with plastic or aluminium foil to keep the quality of bread awake.

Avoid using paper bags because it will make the texture of bread be hard. Do not use paper bags because it allows the air to make the bread tough.

Wrap bread with plastic or aluminium foil

The next tips How To Store Bread is wrap it with plastic or aluminium foil.

Aluminium foil will store the natural moisture of bread so as not to dry or harden. If your bread is equipped with wrapping paper, remove and wrap it with plastic or aluminum foil to keep it.

If you have sliced the bread, you can wrap it in the original plastic packaging.

Leaving inside the wrapping of the paper, or even letting it open at the table with a side cut face down can sustain the crunch of the outer skin of the bread.

However, if the bread is exposed to the air, the bread will be stale within a few hours.

Place the bread at room temperature no more than two days.

The room should be at a temperature of about 20 º C. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place, like in a kitchen cupboard or in a bread box.

Bread storage Time

The bread is usually sold in various bakeries or maybe you can make it yourself. The basic ingredients of bread are water, wheat flour, and yeast. The ingredients make the bread cannot last long and will cause mold, if not stored properly.

If you buy bread from the bakery, please take note of its expiration. Usually a wrapper of bread can last 5-6 days at room temperature. Over time it is not advisable to consume it. Be it fresh bread, chocolate or wheat. If you make your own bread, the bread can be stored up to 7 days at room temperature.

Room temperature

How to store bread in room temperature

To make the bread more durable, you can also store it in the freezer instead of the chiller. Avoid storing bread in room temperature for more than two days, especially storing it in damp areas or directly exposed to sunlight. A humid place can make bread quickly moldy while the sunlight will make the bread quick dry and hardened.

Store in a box

If there is no freezer, store the bread in a container or plastic box closed after wrapped in aluminium foil or plastic. Don’t forget to keep it in a cool, but not moist place. And avoid being directly exposed to the sun.

Keep away from damp places

Keep bread from damp and watery place is one of the ways to store bread for durable and not to be moldy. Even the bread that is hit by water should not be left alone because it will trigger the fungus growth faster.

Newly purchased bread can be taken or cut enough to be consumed, while the rest we can keep it or leave it in the package to be stored again.

How to keep white bread fresh longer

White bread is often the choice as a short breakfast at home.

White bread can also be eaten together with jam to taste.

Some even have a glass of milk.

Unfortunately, the age of white bread is not long.

Especially for those who like not to eat once.

Just a few days, the bread was moldy and passed from its expiration date.

Usually, the maximum age of white bread is 4 days before the mold begins to emerge and the texture is dry.

Well, now we don’t have to worry the rest of the white bread will be wasted.

The trick is to keep the bread in freezer.

How to store white bread in freezer?

  • The white bread should be stored in a sealed container or in a plastic wrapper.
  • Close the containers or plastic belt wrapping tightly.
  • Do not get a gap to air entry because later bread can absorb the smell of other foods stored in the freezer.

By storing in the freezer, bread can last up to one week.

So, how is the condition when it will be consumed?

White bread can still be soft, although inserted into the freezer.

You only have to remove the white bread, then leave at room temperature for about 30 minutes before you can consume it back.

The texture of white bread will return as long as we put it in the freezer in a still soft state.

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