How to make easy bonsai tree
How To Make Easy Bonsai Tree

4 Steps How To Make Easy Bonsai Tree

How to make easy bonsai tree can be done by beginners. Even so, to get a beautiful bonsai, of course you have to be patient in doing the treatment. For that, knowing how to care is also very important.

Bonsai comes from parts of plants made by the method of cuttings, graft, defoliation, and root reduction. However, not all plants can be used as bonsai. One of the plants that can be used as bonsai is a serut tree (Streblus Asper).

Serut bonsai is a bonsai plant that has greenish-colored leaves with whitish stems and bulbs. Serut trees used for bonsai are trees that have small leaves, have small green fruits, and have flowers. The character of serut bonsai is a type of plant that loses leaves.

How to make this unique serut bonsai become one of the favorites of many people. No wonder, many beginners start growing bonsai as well.

Bonsai making tools and materials

Before making bonsai, here is the tools you need:

  • Bonsai plants
  • Pot
  • Soil.
  • Aggregate
  • Water
  • Balanced fertilizer
  • Garden scissors
  • Wire, and
  • Pliers

How To Make Easy Bonsai Tree

Choosing a weevil of serut bonsai

After choosing the right plant, that is, in this case is a serut tree, the first way to make bonsai is to choose a bonsai bud or stump. You can get it at the plant seed sale to get good quality serut bonsai.

After getting a serut bonsai weevil, trim all the leaves on the weevil using special scissors. Prune also excessive roots of bonsai weevils to control root growth.

Then wash the roots of the serut bonsai weevil until clean using water and apply with a growth stimulant evenly. This stimulant drug or fertilizer you can find easily in a place that sells ornamental plants.

Prepare the right planting media

Choosing the right planting medium is a next way to make the bonsai that is important to note. The planting medium needed to plant serut bonsai is different from other plants, namely in the form of a mixture of mountain soil. Mountain soil is humus and manure derived from goats or cows.

As for the comparison of the third planting media, which is 1:1:1 in each pot that will be planted brow. You can also use planting media from rice husks and coconut coir. This planting medium will make it will be awake and fast to grow.

Bonsai adaptation process

The next way How to make the serut bonsai is to put a serut bonsai weevil in its planting medium like a large pot. Before forming it, you need to give time for the weevil to grow and adapt to the new planting medium before you form using stainless steel wire. If the roots have grown slowly and the age is old enough, you can proceed to the next process by forming a bonsai.

Forming a bonsai with coiled wire

The last way How to make the bonsai is to form a serut bonsai. To form it you need to prepare a coiled wire from stainless steel or other wire that is not easily broken and rusty.

Use a wire that has a diameter of 3 mm. After that, wrap the wire starting from the weevil to the branches. Wrap the wire firmly to form the pattern you want.

Do this carefully so that the branches of the serut bonsai that you form do not break. Once done, let the serut bonsai grow and begin to form according to the pattern that has been formed using wire. Before the wires are removed, it is important to pay attention to the bonsai treatment process.

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