How to eliminate odor when cooking fish
How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish

11 Tips – How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish

How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish – Fish become a source of animal protein can help support the child growth, and good for family health. However, not infrequently some mothers complain because of the fishy smell that is in the fish is often left in the kitchen and sometimes spread to other rooms.

In addition, not infrequently some family members are reluctant to eat fish dishes if still smell the fishy scent. In fact, fishy smell of fish can make children reluctant to eat. Although consuming fish have a lot of benefits for the body.

But no need to worry, because actually the fishy smell of fish can be eliminated. Here are the natural ingredients that you can use to remove the fishy smell of fish before cooking, and tips How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish.

How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish

Clean the fish well

If the fish you are going to use is a whole fish, clean the fish well, especially the black part that is commonly seen above the fish after the head is cut. This is the usual part of making fish smell fishy.


Prepare and dissolve the vinegar with water to taste. Then soak the fish in the solution for a few minutes. Or simply applied to the meat of the fish, then rinsed with clean water.

Clean the fish scales thoroughly, then coat the fish with vinegar. The amount of vinegar used is 2 teaspoons of vinegar for every 1 kilogram of fish. After the vinegar is lubricated, let the fish for about 15-20 minutes.


Cucumber grater can also be used to neutralize the fishy smell of fish. Stay spread evenly on the fish, let stand about 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water flowing.


The distinctive Aroma of ginger can be used to overcome the fishy smell of fish. The way can be by preparing the crushed or shredded ginger, then banded to the fish, then washed clean.

Soak with milk

Another way that can be followed to neutralize the fishy smell of fish before cooking is by soaking the fish in a white liquid milk with a plain flavor. Not only removes the smell, soaking fish with plain liquid milk can also make the fish feel soft.


How to eliminate odor when cooking fish using sugar

In addition to being used as a sweetener for food, sugar also has functions as a fishy deodorizing in fish. The trick is to sprinkle the sugar on the whole body of the fish that has been cleaned before. Wait 10 minutes, then clean, then the automatic fishy smell will disappear.

Drop lime or lemon

Maybe you are familiar with this way. Yes, lime or lemon can indeed make fish do not feel fishy. You only need to pour the lemon or lime juice to a clean washed fish. Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes, then flush using clean water back until the orange water disappears.

Carambola and orange leaves

The way of use is similar to lime or lemon, which is used when marination of fish meat before cooking.

Spread the aromatic material all over the fish meat and make sure it is evenly distributed, then let stand.

You can add a bit of salt to add flavor.

Cooking fish by wrapping using aluminium foil

Cooking techniques need to be slightly changed if you want the house does not smell fishy after cooking fish. Frying can make the fishy scent of the fish scattered easily throughout the room.

But to cook the fish by wrapping it using aluminum foil first make a fishy aroma clasped inside.

Method of cooking by steam or cooked on Teflon is the right way, but wrap the fish with aluminum foil first.

Create other strong aromas in the kitchen

Put cinnamon sticks in the kitchen or make a sweet cake after cooking fish. Another strong Aroma could be How To Eliminate Odor When Cooking Fish.

This can be quite helpful. Cinnamon can absorb the fishy scent so that the cinnamon scent remains dominated.

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Complementary seasonings that we have very commonly encountered can also eliminate fishy smell in fish.

First, wash the fish thoroughly and then spread the salt to the fish. Let stand for 5 minutes, then clean the fish using tap water or running water. Do not use too much salt, so that the fish do not salty.

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