How to store rice grains for long term
How To Store Rice Grains For Long Term

14 Tips – How To Store Rice Grains For Long Term

How To Store Rice Grains For Long Term – Rice is the staple food of most people in Asia. When buying rice, generally someone will buy rice in large quantities and keep it for a long time.

Buying a lot of rice is considered more profitable because the price can be cheaper when compared to buying rice in retail. But unfortunately, when buying a lot of rice and stored for a long time, it is not uncommon for rice to become infested.

How To Store Rice Grains For Long Term To Avoid Rice Weevil.

Here are the Tips How To Store Rice Grains For Long Term To avoid rice weevil and mold.

Buy new rice and good quality

When buying rice, be sure to buy new rice and good quality. Rice that is low quality and has long been susceptible to rice weevil.

Keep the rice in a dry and clean place.

We recommend storing rice in special containers storing rice and made of plastic or atoms.

Choose a container

How to store rice grains for long term - choose container

Quality containers are needed to store the rice for lice free and durable. Tightly sealed containers can keep moisture, air, and pest away.

Plastic containers that have been certified for food storage work best to accommodate large quantities of rice. Meanwhile, smaller plastic jars also work well as they can be stored in remote areas.

You can also use custom made metal containers for long-term storage. This container is suitable for storing rice and rust resistant.

Keep the rice in a sealed container.

Closing the rice container will maintain the quality of rice to keep it good and durable.

Add the kaffir lime leaves into the rice.

The distinctive Aroma of kaffir lime leaves is believed to be able to repel rice weevil or prevent rice weevil and other insects from damaging the rice.

Add orange leaves

Combine 50 grams of mashed orange leaves and packaged in gauze into 10 kg of rice to be stored. This is believed to effectively release the lice from rice, and the orange Leaf will also give the rice a fresh scent.

Add garlic, onion and chili

If there is no kaffir lime leaf, You can add garlic, onion and chili to the rice. No need much, adding 2 to 3 cloves and 3 chili peppers into the rice is enough.

Choose a location

The most excellent storage location for rice is far from direct sunlight. Best kept in the dark kitchen area.

Ensure dry and low humidity areas to prevent damage to storage containers. Rice is best kept in temperatures approaching 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

Higher temperatures can damage the quality of food flavor and nutrients. But, the difference with cooler milk does not have a big influence on long-term storage. Meanwhile, the rice that has rice lice can be stored briefly in cold temperatures so that insects and moths die.

Avoid storing the rice in a damp place.

It is best to keep the rice in a dry place and keep it away from water or anything that makes the rice storage area moist.

Clean the rice container periodically

Before storing the rice, make sure to first clean the place of rice from the remaining rice last month. The remaining old rice that is not cleaned can invite weevil and mold so the smell of rice becomes musty.

Add Pandan Leaf

In addition to the kaffir lime leaves, You can also add pandan leaves because the fragrant aroma of pandan is also less liked by insects so that rice so safe from the disturbances. In addition, the good aroma of pandan will make the rice awake from the musty smell.

Put a bay leaf or cloves in rice

Inserting a bay leaf or cloves into rice is one of the best solutions to eliminate rice lice. Clove is also known to be effective for fighting insects that are around the cupboards and kitchen areas.

Dried in the Sunlight

If the rice is already filled with weevil, just dry it in the sunlight. This will repel rice lice and insects, as they dislike the sunlight and will look for dark and humid places.

Add coffee powder

Add a small amount of coffee powder wrapped in plastic, then the plastics are perforated a little bit. Coffee Aroma is strongly disliked by rice lice. 

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