Feng shui bedroom planner
Feng shui bedroom planner

Feng shui bedroom planner

Have you ever thought to build a house using Feng Shui? Well, recently, many architects that use or combines the science of Feng Shui in their work. And important places in the home, according to Feng Shui, is the entrance, kitchen and bedroom. The last thing becomes more important, because this room which protects our body while sleeping, which is vulnerable or closely related to the subconscious. In the article, we will introduce to you the things that you need to pay attention in the bedroom, based on the science of Feng Shui, Feng shui bedroom planner. Please compare it with your bedroom at home.

Feng shui bedroom planner

  • Avoid the Use of Attic as a Sleeping Room

In the situation of housing in urban areas, then we should be able to maximize the use of living space with excellent, and efficient. But inside the science of Feng Shui, a bedroom in the attic, it is not good.

First, we will not be able to sleep quietly because of the height of the ceiling is low, that will make us tend to feel uncomfortable. But if you really can’t avoid it, then decorate the ceiling with images of the sky or the sea, or another image that will make the room feel spacious. And besides, palate tends to be skewed on the attic, will make the balance of the room being bad.

  • Get Beds with Walls
Feng shui bedroom planner
Feng Shui Bedroom Planner

Where the position of the bed you are? Is it exactly attached to the wall? Feng shui says, that if there are any empty distance or gap between the bed with the wall, then there will be a strong stream that flows into it, that will make your difficult getting quality sleep time. So, seal one side of your bed with the wall. And if your bed does not have a headboard and you choose to close at the side wall, then install a new headboard. We will not rest peacefully if there isn’t something on the sides of our heads.

  • The right position for Your Mirror
Feng shui bedroom planner - the right position for your mirror
Feng Shui Bedroom Planner – The Right Position For Your Mirror

The mirror is a lucky item or an amulet of luck that is often cited in the science of Fengshui. And the South side is a very good place to put a mirror, especially a body mirror, which can improve our appearance. And besides, do not place the mirror in a position where it could look a sleeping man, due to the fatigue of that person can be absorbed into the mirror, which then reflects it throughout the room.

But if you really can not find anywhere else, then put a cloth, curtains or netting around the bed, which can hinder the appearance of someone who is sleeping.

  • Wood, the best Material for beds
Wood, the best material for beds
Wood, The Best Material For Beds

What is your bedding material? In Feng Shui, it is highly recommended to use wood as a bed material. Yes. While sleeping, a human being will sweat and produce more water and strong, so the use of wooden beds, will make it all worth it. While in the case of metal, this material has a number of magnets that flows, which can make the body cannot rest well.

But quietly, for those of you already using metallic materials, can circumvent this with ease. Cover the metal parts with a cloth such as cotton that has the same properties as wood, to get a good harmony.

  • Double Curtain
Feng shui bedroom planner - double curtain
Feng Shui Bedroom Planner – Double Curtain

In the science of Feng Shui, it is mentioned that there is a good Eve out at night. And if there are no curtains on the window of your room, then Eve it will be “leaked” to the outside. So, it is very important to multiply the use of curtains to prevent this from happening.

We can overcome it by installing two curtains, a lacy, and another regular curtains.

  • Note the position of the door and the bed

The best position for each person’s bed, certainly different. But whatever it was, note where the position of the side of the head on the bed, with the position of the door. Avoid positioning the head of the bed that align with the doors. This will make your sleep time disturbed, because the door can be opened at any time. Avoid setting like this with a little shifting the position of your bed, or creating distance between the bed and the door.

Thank you very much for reading Feng shui bedroom planner, hopefully useful.

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