Black and white kitchen
Black and white kitchen

5 Tips for Decorating a Black and White Kitchen at Home

Currently, the trend of black and white kitchens is in great demand by most people, especially in urban or urban areas. This is because this design itself gives a luxurious and minimalist impression so that it is comfortable to look at and also when you are on the move.

As the name implies, this design emphasizes only the elements of black and white. There is no other dominant color besides these two colors. This includes wallpaper and objects in it.

Interestingly, this one kitchen design can be applied to any kitchen size, be it for a large kitchen size or a small one. However, most of the existing designs are in the form of small black and white kitchens to make them minimalist and elegant too.

Well, if you are also interested in decorating a kitchen design in your home with a design concept like this, you can follow some of the tips below. Here are 5 tips for those of you who want to decorate your favorite kitchen with the concept of pure modern black and white kitchen.

Tips for Decorating a Black and White Kitchen at Home

Combine with classic furniture

Black and white are often associated with something classic. Therefore, later you can take advantage of a variety of classic furniture to be able to adjust and combine it with these colors.

Even though it’s classic, avoid using vintage furniture. If so, just put a few in, it doesn’t take much. This of course will damage the design model itself because it is not suitable and is not suitable to be combined.

Use furniture with a large and large size

To be able to adjust it, the use of various objects or furniture using this color accent is recommended with a broad and large shape. To make it more beautiful, you can add some decorative furniture to your kitchen, of course.

You can focus on some furniture such as cabinets, dining tables, chairs, lamps, or other furniture too.

The use of line accents on furniture

The use of line accents on some furniture that uses black and white is certainly more attractive than other colors. For this reason, so that your kitchen doesn’t look ugly and flat, you can look for some furniture that has line accents to make your black and white kitchen more elegant.

Use of natural light

Black and white kitchen decor

Kitchen designs that use this color are very good if you use natural light as a lighting source instead of using lamps. Therefore, you can use a window with a wider or larger size so that sunlight can enter the kitchen and help you do cooking activities in the kitchen during the day.

Combine with other colors

Even though black and white are the dominant colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors. You can still use it, it’s just that you have to be good at customizing it. Also, avoid adding a lot of different colors because, of course, it will make it unattractive.


Those are 5 tips that you can follow when planning to decorate your kitchen now into a black and white kitchen later. Also, you can find information and other inspiration from friends, relatives, or on the internet. After that, just adjust it according to how the design you want to apply to your favorite kitchen.

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