Pretty kitchen ideas

15 Pretty kitchen ideas

Pretty kitchen ideas

  • Utilizing Glass Designs.

Glass designs have become popular in today’s modern home architecture. This design will make Your room becomes bright with natural light, which means it saves quite a lot of electricity costs each month. In addition, the use of glass designs also create a sense of harmony between people and nature, providing a source of inspiration for its users.

  • Use the U-shaped Kitchen Design.

To ensure organized kitchen space, optimizing the existing area is a must. With a U-shaped kitchen, the area of the wall above the kitchen table can also be used as a place for storing kitchen utensils, and the rest of the room ensures comfort to move and cooking.

  • Combine the island kitchen with table.

Pretty kitchen ideas - combine the island kitchen with table

It is very important to combine many functions in one of the same design, particularly in a limited space. And not just the island can serve as a place to prepare food, but you can also turn it into a dining table by adding a few seats.

  • Patterned Tiles.

Like any design, a small kitchen still needs a highlight to “flaunt” the beauty. And the use of patterned ceramic tile on a kitchen more popular nowadays, because it gives a different look.

  • White.

Pretty kitchen ideas - white

The explanation is simple: the House and furniture with white color, will never be outdated.

  • Organize your stuff neatly.

Pretty kitchen ideas - organize your stuff neatly

No matter how spacious your room is, but if Your items are not arranged in neat, then it will make the room becomes full and crowded. A brilliant setting will make the cooking process becomes faster and more convenient, without having to spend a lot of time looking for items that are spilling everywhere.

  • Hide all on the back of the closet door.

If you don’t have much time to sort through your stuff, then just hide behind the closet door.

  • Minimalist design.

Minimalist design never out of date, and vice versa, it is getting more popular. Special for small spaces, minimalist design will create the feel of a larger room for visitors.

  • The combination of styles.

Pretty kitchen ideas - the combination of styles

Creativity never runs out or diminished. And limitations of space can create a design that is more beautiful and gorgeous.

  • Rustic styles.

People often think that a small kitchen is more suitable given a simple, simple design. But this kitchen, proves to you that the truth is not so.

  • Retro style.

By choosing furniture with a different texture or color, retro style kitchen will help your home look striking.

  • Don’t underestimate wood design.

The use of wood in the design will make you happy, because the warmth of the wood will bring new nuances into your kitchen.

  • The contrast of colors.

Using contrast in design also never outdated, in contrast, the contrast will make the kitchen more character and make people forget about the existence of the limitations in the area.

  • Lighting.

Regardless, big or small kitchen, light plays a very important role. It not only creates a sense of airiness, but also ensure security while cooking.

  • With writing wall

Not just as a decorative element in your kitchen, you can also use chalk writing walls to write recipes, cooking activities and you will become simpler.

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