Minimalist living room design
Minimalist living room design

10 Minimalist Living Room Design Secrets

How often do you spend time in the living room? What sort of maximum minimalist living room design, but still feels comfortable?

The secret of Minimalist living room design.

Minimal but comfortable sofas.

The most important elements in the living room are a sofa. The design of your living room will never go wrong if you have a simple and comfortable sofa. The simplicity of the sofas can be seen from several aspects, among others, is the motif of the outer material used as well as form.

The Geometric Motif Carpet.

Start looking for a room for personal expression? One option that you can consider is the motif of the carpet in your room. Not infrequently we think that the carpet is not an important element in the design of the living room. From now on, let’s move from the thought. Because even though the carpet just looks like a piece of fabric that lies on the floor, but it was able to give a definition of a living room perfectly. A little geometric motifs and bright colors, appear to strengthen the effects of a minimalist in the room.

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Simple and Minimal Background Wall.

In addition to the elements of furniture and flooring, wall element is also the essential elements of life in the design of the living room. In line with the principle of minimalist design, it is recommended that should the background wall in the living room is made as simple as possible, especially in terms of the material.

Hall of frames.

Have a photo hobby or a walk and want to show off your work in the living room? Don’t be afraid to add a little space for your work on the background wall. As long as the picture frame and photo that used to have a consistent style, additional decorations will not reduce the minimization of Your living room.

Minimalist TV Wall.

In addition to the background wall, front wall in your living room is also an important element and worthy of note in the design. Especially because we often put too many elements in this part of the House.

A minimal combination of walls and shelves.

Minimalist living room

On the other hand, you feel need to maximize storage space in your home? Additional shelves in a minimal design are the answer that is right for you. One of the keys to note is to take up enough space for your TV so that the existing Wall is still read as a wall and instead of a shelf.

Minimal Shelf Wall.

Have extra wall and want to do more? It is suggested you to add a shelf with a minimal design.

Contrasting motifs on the wall.

Have no more space in your living room but want something unusual? You may consider the addition of motifs on the wall. A contrast element between minimal elements is certainly something interesting.

Contrast Accessories.

Although minimalist style strongly emphasized the simplicity of the element, the addition of contrasting elements is not completely contradictory and contrary to the principle of minimalism. As long as the contrast is concentrating on one of two specific elements, it will not be a problem.

Minimal Furnishings.

On the conditions of the narrow and limited space, surely we can always redefine the meaning of minimalism. Surely it wasn’t just fixated on the mere choice of materials, colors, and also decoration. On the narrow and limited space, a space can also be minimal in terms of furniture. Enough with one sofa, carpet, two small tables, as well as a few pillows on the carpet, you can already have a minimalist living room.

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