Mid century modern living room
Mid century modern living room

Mid century modern living room IDEAS

Mid century modern living room IDEAS – The living room is a place where the whole family gathered together, interact, and do activities together. As the space between the family members make of the existence of the family room in a House is the most important points that cannot be ignored.

The living room is the center of a home. Each Member of the family to meet and communicate with each other in the living room. From there, the family harmony can be formed. Therefore, the position of the family room to consider as possible when designing the House. Easy to reach by any occupant of the House became one of the terms of a good living room design.

Modern Medieval interior design.

If you’ve seen the episode of Mad Men, you are familiar with the modern design of the middle ages. Actually, the term was coined in 1984 by Cara Greenberg. She used it to discuss a signature of the 1960-70s in her Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s.

Although the moniker has become widespread in recent decades, it is most commonly used to refer to a style that became popular in the post World War II. While there may be some variation, most people agree that this time period extends from the years 1945-1969.

Interestingly, this style is not just referring to the aspect of interior design. It is commonly used as representations for architecture, furniture, accessories, materials and technologies that are increasingly popular after the end of the war.

How to design an ideal living room? What to do in order to make the living room can function optimally? Here are a few things you need to consider when designing your living room.

What are the activities in the living room?

Identify any activity carried out in the living room is the first step you need to do before doing the design. A living room must provide a sense of security and comfort so make each family member feel welcome. To that end, the design of the living room should be able to accomodate a variety of activities that you want to do with family members.

In general, the living room became a place to chat between members of the family, eating and watching together, to relax with the family. You can also add other activities which roughly can be done together in the living room. Be sure each family member can perform activities that they like in your living room. So the living room can live and function optimally.

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Mid century modern living room IDEAS

Interior design of the living room with herringbone carpet motif.

In order for Mid century modern living room has the feel of a more modern décor, use a fluffy carpet, with herringbone in soft colors. Feel free to use the form of sofa with different shapes and colors in one room.

Living room interior design that saves electricity.

Mid century modern living room that saves electricity

The main characteristic of Mid century modern living room is a large-sized window. The function of this large window is so that the entire corner in the living room looks bright thanks to the sun. Thus you can save electricity on the morning and afternoon.

In addition, this large minimalist window can help you enjoy views of the front or back garden without having to get out of the House. In the interior design of this living room, you can add antique footed furniture that was popular around the 50s.

Living room interior design with a touch of blue.

If Brown gives the impression of a warm, then the blue color was able to give the impression of a cheerful and gentle on the interior design of the living room. White living room walls look harmonious with a blue sofa and chair.

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