Herbs to grow at home

10 Herbs To Grow At Home

Herbs To Grow At Home

Here are the herbs to grow at home:

Basil leaves.

These leaves are used to flavor enhancer in processed variety of pasta, fish, or salad.

How to grow basil leaves at home: Place on the ground composts and water to taste, a few days later basil seeds will expand. Basil will germinate and grow quickly when placed in the warm sunshine.

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Oregano leaves.

Herbs to grow at home
At first glance looks like a basil leaf, but has a distinctive and sharper aroma. Can be found in the form of fresh leaf or powder. Powder form used as seasoning in addition to making pizza and spaghetti.

How to grow the leaves of oregano at home:

Prepare the soil compost and organic fertilizer in a pot or container. Oregano seedlings are very small and delicate, immerse with fingertips slightly, can use the cocopeat (coconut shell powder) for breeding.

After 5-10 day the oregano sprouts will appear, flush with a water spray is very smooth so that the seeds of oregano are not broken, place it in a cool place with a lot of morning sunlight.

Leaves of parsley.

Before planting seeds, soaked in water a day. Place in a dark place, after growing the leaves, move and place it near the sunshine.

How to grow parsley leaves at home: the best way to grow parsley by planting the seeds. Seeds of parsley can be obtained from the drying parsley flowers, and then shake the flowers until the seeds fall. Soak the seeds overnight before parsley were grown.

Rosemary leaves.

Herbs to grow at home
Planted in the soil humid and cool air. Has a spiky form such as evergreen leaves, but a sharp aroma and taste a little bitter. The leaves are often used as fragrances, soups, grilled meats, seasoning sauce or marinade.

How to grow rosemary leaves at home: take rosemary seeds with cutting angle of mature plants along 10-15 cm. Cut some sprigs of leaves into a few strands of leaves. Place the stems of these seeds in warm water several times.

Planting the seedling stems of rosemary into the pot, solidify a little soil around it so that the seeds can stand upright. After rosemary roots begin to grow, move the potted plants to a more open. Give compost every two weeks so that the leaves and flowers can grow normally.

Coriander leaves.

Multiply the coriander leaves by sowing the seeds in a line to grow regularly. Fragrant aroma is commonly used to add aroma of cuisine such as soup.

How to grow coriander at home: Before being planted, soak the coriander seeds in warm water for 2 to 12 hours to activate the seed. After that, sow the seeds on the soil in the container, with a depth of 1-2 cm. The seed will grow in 7-10 days.


Reproduced vegetatively by using pieces of rhizome. Seeds should be purchased from the garden instead of the market because of its age is enough to be bred. Maintain quality ginger in a humid and closed to grow buds.

How to grow ginger at home: take the sires and cut into small seedlings. Before grown in a pot, soak the seeds in the agrimicin 0.1% solution for 8 hours and then lift and pat dry. Ginger will grow about 3 months, do regular watering during the first week and fertilization. Harvesting ginger can be done when ginger was eight months.


Duplication of turmeric Rhizome taking is done with by taking an old turmeric rhizome about 8 months. Because the older will produce a very good bud. Put the turmeric Rhizome in soil that is moist and not exposed to sunlight directly.

How to grow the turmeric at home: sprinkle with soil, then watering each afternoon in order to grow the seeds evenly and shoots great. If it grows about 10 cm, cut each one shoots to the pot. Harvesting is done when the plant was eight months.


Herbs to grow at home
Select galangal seedlings are older and are free of disease or pests. Cut into 4 parts and each has 3-4 eyes, then dried shoots a day. Enter in the layered wood, seeds and husk ash.

How to grow a galangal at home: Make a hole of approx. 10-15 cm and enter the seedlings sprout earlier with the position of the buds above. Then cover it with the land but do not enclose the budding. Flush with water to taste.

Chili pepper.

Select seed by way of soaking the chilis seed in clean water, then select seeds which sank. Discard seeds that float because of low quality.

How to grow a chili pepper at home: Dry chili seeds for three days before planted. Hoe soil to a depth of 40 cm, string together a dike wall with wide 100-110 cm, height 30-40 cm. Watering when dry season or every two weeks so that the soil does not dry. Chili Pepper can be harvested immediately after 2.5-3 months after being planted.

Red onion.

How to grow onions at home: Reproduced with seeds and bulbs. Planting distance 15 x 15 x 15 cm or 20 cm. Planting done by immersing the tuber onion seed. After the age of 70 – 80 day could be harvested and was seen lying in the way revoked.

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