How to dispose of used cooking oil
How To Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

8 Right & Safe Ways – How To Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

How To Dispose of Used Cooking Oil – Cooking oil is rarely used until it runs out. After being used several times, cooking oil becomes discolored and dirty, then becomes waste. The easiest thing is to throw it down the drain, but it turns out that it has extreme consequences.

Improper disposal of used cooking oil, such as throwing it down the sewer is dangerous. The fat will freeze into lumps attached to the pipe. If this happens, then the sewer will experience severe blockage. This method of disposal can also cause other problems for the environment.

How To Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

There are many ways to dispose of used cooking oil more safely, such as the following.

Never pour oil into the sink.

Believe me, sooner or later, the behavior can coat the drainpipe and clog it, even if the oil has been diluted with soap or water.


To reduce waste, the best way is to reuse it. If you fry some types of vegetables such as potatoes, the oil can be stored and reuse several times.

But be careful if cooking meat or fish with the same oil repeatedly, make sure the oil is still in good condition and safe to use. It is best not to use it if the oil is already cloudy and foamy.

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Remove the oil in a tightly sealed container

If the oil condition is no longer suitable for reuse, the best option is to dispose of it. But if you have to throw away the oil, be sure to dispose of it properly.

Let the newly used oil stand and wait until room temperature, then pour it into a carton of milk or container that will not be reused and then dispose with the garbage.

Make sure the container is safe, not easily broken and tightly closed to prevent oil spills in the trash.

Add cooking oil to the compost

If using oil to cook plant-based foods, try adding it to the compost bin. Insects and worms are happy. But don’t do it with oil that used to cook meat because it will invite rats.

Make pesticides

Have you ever seen a small insect bite on the leaves of a plant? Well, the used oil may be a trick to prevent insect bites. Mix a little oil and water into a spray bottle and spray the leaves to get rid of insects. Make sure the oil is used to fry plant foods.

Today, many communities are collecting used cooking oil to be turned into laundry soap. Or, if so, look for a restaurant that has a method to properly dispose of harmful ingredients, perhaps helping.

Freeze the oil and throw it away

Another way to dispose of used oil is to freeze it first, then throw used cooking oil into a plastic bag.

Do not forget to tie or close the garbage bag tightly and immediately throw it in the trash.

Give it to recycling organizations

Usually restaurants have a good system or method to dispose of the oil. However, if it is not possible you can try to channel oil waste to government organizations.

Processed into Biodiesel

Well, how to dispose of used cooking oil that you can do last is to process it into biodiesel.

You can simply mix the cooking oil along with vegetable oil or animal fats and the type of methanol alcohol.

Biodiesel produced from cooking oil can be used as a substitute for fuel. This mixture can also emit less destructive gases if used for tractors, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles.

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