How to store spices long term
How To Store Spices Long Term

8 Tips How To Store Spices Long Term

Tips How To Store Spices Long Term – There are still many people who store spices carelessly.. In fact, less precise storage will make the seasoning quality damaged, even quick rot.

But, no need to worry anymore, with the right tricks of the kitchen spice in the house will remain fresh and maintained quality despite been stored for a long time. Here are the  summarize Tips How To Store Spices Long Term:

Tips How To Store Spices Long Term

Buy herbs and spices in the whole state

To make the seasoning last longer despite being stored for days, buy the seasoning in a whole state and have not been ground. Although the refined seasoning or powder looks practical, but this type of seasoning is very susceptible to damage, agglomerate, and moldy if not stored in the right way.

In fact, spices such as cinnamon, cardamom can last for more than two years. Not only longer shelf life, seasonings or whole herbs have a more fragrant aroma.

Not exposed to direct sun.

Like other food types, the seasoning of the kitchen should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because it can make seasonings change color, smell bad, and dry out. Examples of quick rot seasoning are tomatoes and chili peppers

Keep away from the stove.

Storing the seasoning of the kitchen near the stove also has an effect similar to exposed to direct sunlight, especially when the heat of fire from the stove radiates to the seasoning. This can cause the kitchen spice to rapidly dry out and change color.

Keep the seasoning in a sealed container.

For small-sized seasonings or powders such as pepper, coriander and salt, store separately in a sealed container. Be sure to close tightly and no gaps in the insects and pests.

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Storing grain seasoning.

One of the types of kitchen cooking spices are often used is seasoning in the form of grains. Some of the spices are often used include coriander, pepper grain and much more. Almost in the type of cuisine from fish and meat raw materials often provide various spices to give a more delicious and steady flavor.

Well, this kind of spice cooking is basically a material that is relatively durable when stored. It’s just that it’s easy to get infected with the fungus and insect attack if you do not carefully pay attention to the way the storage of grain as well.

For that, you need to keep this kind of seasoning in a closed and spared place of liquid. Insert in jars and make sure it’s closed tightly. Every time after use make sure the seasoning container is closed tightly and stored in a safe place and exposed to sunlight to avoid humid temperatures.

Store the onions and spices.

Tips how to store spices long term

Spice such as turmeric, galangal, and nutmeg.

Various types of onions and spices should be stored in a place that is not exposed to the heat of the sun and in a humid place.

Preferably if you buy it, remove it from the crackle and place it in the container or similar without needing to be washed.

You can wash it every time it will use because this way of storage is even more durable.

Storing seasoning kitchen leaves

The kitchen seasoning in the form of leaves namely citrus leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass, green onions, and many more.

Special seasoning of this type of leaves should not be exposed to the hot sun or stove because it is easy to wither, change shape and color.

Therefore, you can store them in the refrigerator and wash them first so that the bacteria do not spread.

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Cook until cooked

After smoothing all the basic spices, stir fry until cooked. This will kill bacteria that exist in raw spices. Cooking seasoning must be done long enough, not just until cooked, but really cooked. This will extend the spice storage period.

Thank you very much for reading Tips How To Store Spices Long Term, hopefully useful.

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