How to make a small bedroom feel cozy
How To Make a Small Bedroom Feel Cozy

7 Tips – How To Make a Small Bedroom Feel Cozy

How To Make a Small Bedroom Feel CozyFor many people, the bedroom is the most comfortable room in the house. No wonder if the bedroom is designed in such a way as to make it more comfortable. But it doesn’t hurt to occasionally change the design of the bedroom so that it is not boring. For those who feel the size of the bedroom is small there is no need to feel doubt.

There are many design options that can maximize the comfort of the bed, even though it may be a small area.

How To Make a Small Bedroom Feel Cozy

Here are some tips and tricks to design or rearrange the bedroom to make it more comfortable

Use Vertical Space

When you’re dealing with a small room, the vertical styling model will help the room get better. You may not have much space on the floor, but by using the wall up to the ceiling, it can be more efficient to put things.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are the best way to add storage. You can also use hanging wall shelves.


Each bedroom needs at least one large mirror. Surely a mirror is needed so that you are easier to stand and prepare in the room.

In addition, the small bedroom can use more mirrors to add the impression of a large room. Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to give the illusion of the eye to think that the room is bigger than it really is.

For example, a closet door that uses a mirror, a mirror on a dressing table, a Starburst mirror on the bed, or a small mirror on the wall. Choose two or three of the mirrors, and see your bedroom that will magically look more spacious with light reflections to various sides of the room.

Bed with built-in storage

To minimize cluttered rooms, try maximizing your existing storage space. Including the bed.

Choose bedding, furniture that has built-in storage. That way the underside can be used to store objects.

Although the price of a bed with the design is more expensive, but at least prevent things from being scattered in the room.

Wall shelves

Similar to the built-in storage bed, also make use of the wall as a storage area by adding a shelf.

In addition to serving as a storage area, shelves can also give a different touch related to the design of the bedroom.

Make a Focal Point in the Room

Each room certainly needs a focal point where the eyes very easily look into the area. Usually this focal point it is in the first part of opening the door so it feels very eye-catchy. Do not make all the items or decorations in the room stand out because it will make the room feel full and also crowded.

Room Scheme Color

Choosing a bright color will give the bedroom a bright atmosphere. Bright rooms will also have an impact on the spacious look. Therefore, the color in the main room is with a neutral base color or simply so that it reflects light to all sides. If too many colors are used in the room, it will certainly look bad and also make the room look unclear. Choose one neutral color as the background, then add one or two accent colors so that the room is not monotonous.

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Photo frames

When in the room there are not too many items, adding photo frames can be another interesting tip. Photo frames provide comfort because they are able to evoke beautiful memories.

The presence of frames can make the bedroom feel like an art gallery. In addition to photos, painting frames can also be an alternative.

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