How to brighten a dark kitchen room 1

How to brighten a dark kitchen room


Many people disagree if the kitchen is privileged from other rooms. The kitchen is still regarded as a less important space that is rarely attended. So the attention to the kitchen is not the same as other space. Included in the keeping and interior design.

Although many people think so, not for Design Hound. One of the interior design firm located in the Rosedale Neighborhood of Austin. They designed the kitchen of apartments around the area with a very special.

For them the dull kitchen will have an impact on the entire contents of the House, which will look dull, too. Then the principle of Design of Hound is making the kitchen as an opportunity to express the creativity.

The results of the design of their creations quite surprising because it looks so different compared to the original room. But this is just another manifestation of it is clear that no matter how boring the space, there is always likely to be transformed into something cooler.

Apart from the issue of the form of a regular kitchen shape, less light, and feels smaller. Then the team makes an open kitchen that connects with the dining room and other spaces.

In addition to making a new layout, a skylight added in the kitchen with a large glass door installed leading to the back yard. New items it brings natural light into the home.

Unique feature: a dark Kitchen renovated into a beautiful blue and white.

Apartment owners want to get rid of a dark and isolated kitchen. Then the designer managed to display a beautiful kitchen designs that are more open and lighter. Blue cabinets are equipped with black hardware and brass accents. But even though with that color scheme, the designers decided to add some colors like red frame. Overall, the spaces seem cheerful and fun.

A touch of white color looks amazing along with wood floors laid around the House. This is offset by the twilight of painting is paired with black accents and brass. These decorations make the kitchen look more alive. Gold Pendant lights and becomes an eccentric feature of the area.

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