How to brighten a dark kitchen room

8 Tips – How to brighten a dark kitchen room

How to brighten a dark kitchen room – Lighting can make or break the living room, and doubles for the kitchen. A kitchen without window can feel crowded. Add low quality light bulbs, and you will be afraid as you spend time cooking and cleaning.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to dramatically improve your kitchen lighting and make everyone working in it happier.

How to brighten a dark kitchen room

Find well-tuned lighter

Dinner with candlelight is fun, but at the end of a long day at work, you don’t want to fall asleep on the stove. The good news is you can have a cake and eat it too: a color-adjustable light bulb will allow you to adjust the color temperature in the kitchen, giving you the flexibility to use a comfortable glow to entertain and bright light to energize yourself for a night of culinary experiments.

Accent on Cabinet Door

The next way How to brighten a dark kitchen room is accent on cabinet door.

Cabinet with two colors has become increasingly popular. This is effective enough to give a new touch of color to make your kitchen beautiful as a whole. Choose a bright color for the door coloring. You can choose the Classic navy blue or bright and bold orange.

Add wallpaper

Your minimalist kitchen color can be more prominent with wallpaper use. This is an alternative option that is cheaper than having to coat the wall with ceramic materials. There is a large selection of waterproof wallpapers with a variety of beautiful unique patterns. Using bright colors with playful design will also make the room feel more energized.

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Upgrading architecture

How to brighten a dark kitchen room

The old houses generally have a dark kitchen. Construction of the house becomes the cause of sunlight can not enter into the kitchen in a considerable amount.

For that reason, improving home architectural features can be one way out to increase the intake of sunlight into a dark kitchen. You can install skylights, atrium or large windows above your kitchen. However, do not forget to consult your architect immediately.

In addition to these large windows, you can also install a solar tube. By installing it, sunlight can get into your kitchen through a tube. This second solution is right for you who have a kitchen downstairs or under the attic.

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Focused lighting

This type of lighting serves to help smooth cooking activities. Focused lighting or task lighting is specifically applied to use to light up one area, for example a working desk.

Use Downlight, which is a light bulb that highlights directly onto the table, with a light sensitivity of about 300 Lux. We recommend that you select a lamp type that has a CRI (color rendering index) of at least 90, for example a halogen lamp with white or close to natural daylight to make the vision more focused.

Reflected light

So as not to dazzle the eyes, lighting can be reflected in the wall or hidden behind the wall panel (indirect lighting) so that the light bias feels softer.

Put the lights hidden under the top cabinet or hanging cabinets on the kitchen set. Especially in the cooking area, lighting can also be assisted with a cooker hood that is placed on the stove that usually has a lamp.

Get rid of curtains

Another simpler solution is to uninstall curtains that are able to absorb sunlight. If you do not hesitate to release curtains, it is a good idea to choose a thin and light curtain material such as cotton and linens.

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Use creative ways

Another way to make your kitchen brighter is to use creative ways. Use double-glazed door kitchen cabinets.

A see-through cabinet can make light rays unobstructed. Select also unique lights such as modern-themed chandeliers. Also, provide as many lighting sources as possible for your kitchen to appear bright.

Thank you very much for reading How to brighten a dark kitchen room, hopefully useful.

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