Chosing a paint roller
Chosing a paint roller

4 Tips to choosing a paint roller

Tips to choosing a paint roller –  Are you planning to paint the walls of the House in the near future? If Yes, should be planned with great detail and explicit. That way, you can do it right and the painting does not disappoint.

Well, one that must be observed before repainting, the selection of paint rollers. This one tool of many that choose because its use much easier and practical. In addition, the use of liquid paint can be saved with a paint roller. Compared to the use of a paint brush that is not practical when worn.

So, what tips you need to know in choosing a paint roller? Here’s a bit of information that you can read.

Tips to choosing a paint roller

Paint roller material selection.

Examine the material of paint roller brush that would like to purchase. The reason, the quality of the brush effect on the absorption of the liquid paint when the paint roller inserted into it. Select the brush material of wool because it can absorb the liquid paint more. For this one is of course the price is more expensive than other materials, such as polyester. You can buy it in the store building materials around your residence.

You must observe the absorption power and characteristics of the brush mark produced by the fur roller. Suppose that polyester-based fur has a lower quality compared to other materials. This material tends to sprinkle more paint, easily loose fibers and remain in the paint.

Adjust the size of a paint roller.

Don’t forget about the size of a paint roller is supposed to be adapted to the type of paint job. The reason, repainting the wall can also distinguish according to the conditions and circumstances of the walls. For example, you can choose thinner paint roller, measuring approximately 1/4 inches thick to produce a glossy or semi gloss paint. Such paint is used to paint fine surface walls.

Repainting the House activities are much easier and practical if left to the Carpenter. However, you need to spend the extra money to pay them, in addition to having to buy paint. Furthermore, the results are also not necessarily in your favor as homeowners. Therefore, it doesn’t harm to paint the House yourself. Of course with careful planning. No exception in terms of the selection of a paint roller that most people aren’t so concerned.

Choose the type of paint roller.

Chosing a paint roller

You must choose the type of paint roller to suit a job painting at home. It is because no House wall can be painted with the same paint roller. In other words, you need to choose the type of paint roller suitable wall surface that will be painted. You need to know that the corrugated paint roller to paint the wavy walls. While the round paint roller, used to paint the corners and narrow surfaces.

There is still a small paint roller to paint the small or narrow surfaces. Foam roller paints to paint the iron and railing stairs. Radiator roller paints to paint radiator or the back of the toilet. Motifs roller paints to produce motive on the wall.

Choose a paint roller handle.

Do not let you choose a paint roller handle using the screws as the bearer because it usually easy to damage. You better choose a paint roller with handle in the form of the wire hooks and tubular handle from end to end. These wires can withstand the paint roller when used for paint. That way, the roller will not be easily broken or detached from the handle. Please look for and buy it yourself.

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