Bedroom color ideas
Bedroom Color Ideas

8 Bedroom Color Ideas to Re-energize You Every Morning

You may one of those who should wake up in the morning, but still tired and couldn’t pull out some energy. Maybe it’s time for you to find some bedroom color ideas. The one that will be able to boost your mood and the first thing that will re-energize you in the morning. Picking the right color for your bedroom is vital because the light and colors can really affect your mood. Learn the following gorgeous models to make your own colorful bedroom.

Bedroom Color Ideas to Re-energize You Every Morning

Baby Blue

The color of soft blue is certainly soothing, so that you can feel the fresh air as you step inside the room. The baby blue will make a room look dreamy and ethereal yet it offers a lot of versatility. This is why, the color is perfectly suitable for your bedroom. The linen bedding and a small side table will create an elegant style.


Adding black and white arts on the peach blush wall will create an attractive contrast. If you pick an oat-hued linen bedding and place a jute rug, you can insert additional softness. The peachy blush color is also nice to be paired with steel blue-gray or you can make an astonishing contrast by applying bright red.

Light Lilac

Make a lavender oasis, by choosing light lilac to color your bedroom. This color is a good option when you want to play with color and be understated at the same time. Even if you want to burst the room with purple, you can always make a little nook that conveys serene and calm energy. The key is to stick with the series of muted pastels.

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Lemon Yellow

In order to play colors safely at any stage of decorating, you should also make a consultation. It will help you to understand better which colors that could properly complement another one. It will be a lot easier for you to create ideas, shopping, and implementing them.

In the case of lemon yellow, you can pair with gray. Try to make yellow stripes on your ceiling and you will find it becomes an attractive playful element. Yellow is the color of cheer. If you want to inject some warmth and energy into the room, you can choose it as bedroom color ideas.

Sage Green

Want to add some color, but have nothing to do with walls? Then, why don’t you try to make a statement ceiling in your bedroom. Just apply the sage green onto your ceiling and it will definitely draw your eyes up and make the general look interesting. This particular shade is really lovely that offers your uniqueness, calming, exciting, and grounding.

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Cobalt Blue

Implementing high gloss paints needs courage. But if you want to create a bold statement, then this is the fastest way. The shiny finish will absolutely bounce the light in the morning, which will make it looks really elegant on its own way. It will always remind you of the beautiful deep blue sea.


Even though it is not a popular choice, but terracotta walls can spread warmth into the room. You can display a large painting or another statement piece of art to help to break up the dark color. It is perfect for you who want to do some experiment with color, but have no interest in pastels and bright neon.

Bright Red

I know. Bright red is a really bold color. But guess, you can liven up your room with high energy but still calming. For this serious goal of bedroom color ideas, stick tightly with two colorful story. Let the walls become a show stopper by applying excellent high gloss paint of bright red. Then, use a flat white on your ceiling. The result will give you a fresh feeling while the amazing pop of color gives you both chic and warm.

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